Lecturer(s): Mariko NICOL-AKUTSU


This course is designed for students with a good knowledge of Japanese (at least two years of learning). They will deepen their knowledge of the Japanese language and culture, and acquire a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary in order to be able to express themselves in writing and speaking with relative ease. This learning also aims to reach a level sufficient for a stay in Japan (TEF in a Japanese company or university). They are encouraged to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, issued by the Japan Foundation).

Palabras clave

culture, job, business Japanese


  • The courses are provided with various materials, textbooks, vocabulary and ideogram lists, audio resources, etc.
  • 3 hours of weekly classes (1.5 hours of grammar and 1.5 hours of conversation): the teaching aims at continuing the acquisition of current vocabulary and new kanji but also at consolidating grammatical knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

  • read long texts on broad topics and write texts on familiar topics with non-complex details
  • express themselves in a simple manner in order to give their personal opinions, make a simple, prepared presentation on a familiar subject.
  • CECRL B1
  • JLPT 3


Know-how N2 = continuous assessment and test(s) and/or final exam.