Bio-informatique, bio-statistique et modélisation

Lecturer(s): Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU, Christelle YEROMONAHOS
Study ⋅ 15 h


Through this course, basic statistical tools as well as modeling concepts and techniques will be discussed to allow engineering students to analyze and model data in the life sciences. From concrete examples, analysis and modeling strategies will be studied, and the development of a complete model will be worked out.


BE 1 (4h): Modeling of living tissue BE 2 (4h): Cell membrane modeling in molecular dynamics BE 3 (4h): Epidemiology and vaccination BE 4 (3h): Statistical tools for life sciences

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding modeling
  • To be able to simulate and analyze a model
  • Recognize the application contexts of statistical methods and implement them on datasets
  • Understand the principle of molecular dynamics simulations


1 written report for each BE, each counting for 25% of the final mark