Conferences and visits

Lecturer(s): Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU, Virginie MONNIER-VILLAUME
Course ⋅ 20 h


The objective is to make students discover the numerous possibilities of jobs linked to the bio-engineering and nanotechnologies fields. The different thematics will be présented in the form of seminars and conferences by researchers and professionals in these fields. Visits of industrial sites (STMicroelectronic, Sanofi-Pasteur, Becton-Dickinson) and research centers (CEA-LETI, CEA-INES, Synchrotron ESRF) will be also organized.

Palabras clave

Bio-engineering, nanotechnologies, jobs, conferences, visits.


  • Challenges of medical imaging techniques
  • Damage to prostheses
  • Big-data and genomics
  • Large-scale data processing
  • The AURA industrial fabric in bioengineering and nanotechnologies
  • Clinical trials in silico

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify/analyze the needs and social-economics constraints linked to health and nanotechnologies.
  • Take into account the international dimension of research in bio- and nanotechnologies.
  • Adopt a global vision and apprehend the field into its complexity.
  • Enlarge scientific and technical knowledge.


100% for participation.