Organisations and team management

Lecturer(s): Richard PERKINS
Course ⋅ 14 h


The objective of this course is to present the different types of environmental hazards, and the associated risks. Prevention, forecasting and protection techniques will be presented for each type of risk.

Palabras clave

Hazards, risks, environment, urbanisation, volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, hurricanes, storms, floods


  1. Definition of risk Different types of hazard, geographical distrbution, impact, notions of frequency and intensity

  2. Tectonic risks Volcanoes, earthquakes, landlsides, avalanches

  3. Meteorological and hydrological risks Hurricanes, storms, floods, tsunamis, climatic events

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should understand the links between natural phenomena and their impact on human society
  • For each type of risk, students should be aware of the possible ways of handling the risk (prevention, protection, prediction....) and their limitations.
  • For a given location, students should be able to identify the different types of natural risk to which the population is exposed.


Report on a subject related to natural hazards.