LIRIS - Computer Science Laboratory for Image Processing and Information Systems



Mohand-Saïd HACID, Director.

Emmanuel Dellandrea, Site Manager at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Academic Establishments

  • CNRS
  • École Centrale de Lyon
  • INSA de Lyon
  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • Université Lumière Lyon 2

Research Focus

  • Image
    • analysis and geometric modelling for 3D objects
    • simulation, realistic rendering and augmented reality
    • information extraction and object recognition
  • Data, Knowledge and Services
    • knowledge discovery
    • data and services engineering

Fields of Application

  • For digital entertainment (video games, animating cinema, multimedia data processing ...)
  • For biology and health (data mining, analysis and modelling of complex systems, computation grid for medical imaging ...)
  • For culture and heritage (digital libraries, digitisation of old documents, efficient storage, 3D virtual museums ...)
  • For ambient intelligence (pervasive systems, sensor networks, smart video surveillance, secured communicating objects ... )


Écully, Villeurbanne and Bron.

Member of

  • 2 "Laboratories of Excellence" (LABEX)
    • IMU - Intelligence of Urban Worlds
    • PRIMES - Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, and Simulation