The Ampère Laboratory

Ampère - UMR CNRS 5005


Bruno ALLARD, Director (Head of Studies).

Christian VOLLAIRE, Assistant Director at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Hubert RAZIK, Assistant Director.

Academic Establishments

  • École Centrale de Lyon
  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • INSA de Lyon
  • CNRS

Research Focus

Utilisation and Management of energy in systems with regards to their interaction with environment (Electrical Engineering, Electromagnetic Engineering, Control Systems, Environmental Microbiology):

  • Developing methodologies for the analysis and synthesis such as to allow a controlled design process, integrating all constraints in command, reliability as well as the pursuit of multi-physics systems with regards to their interaction with environment
  • Merging fundamental principles, methods and applications in the field of Bioengineering in the sense of a synergy of Electrical Engineering as well as microsystem studies and biology
  • Designing and optimising means of transport, distribution and conversion of electrical energy while taking into account their respective environment

Main Experimental Facilities

  • High Tension Testing Facility
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Facility
  • Laboratory for Environmental Microbiology
  • Characterisation benches of power components in commutation
  • Fluid Power Testing Facility
  • Diagnostic Platform: 45 kW
  • Climate chamber for endurance and ageing

Fields of Application

  • Energy : High and medium voltage equipment – contactless energy transmission
  • Transport in general incl. civil and military aviation
  • Nomadic and embarked systems


Écully, Villeurbanne.

Member of

  • Institut Carnot I@L
  • 2 "Laboratories of Excellence" (LABEX)
    • IMUST - Institute for Multiscale Sciences and Technologies
    • PRIMES - Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, and Simulation