The “Investissements d’avenirs”, massive investments for projects of excellence

The response of Ecole Centrale de Lyon to a continuous demand for projects of excellence is reflected in its laboratories’ participation in the following projects:

EQUIPEX – Equipment of Excellence

IVTV : Engineering and Ageing of Living Tissues

Chosen by the Minister of Higher Education himself, the excellence cluster IVTV represents a unique project of its kind within Europe. The research conducted as part of this largely scaled project will take place in Lyon and Saint-Etienne in the domain of Biology and Medicine.

The project will allow the creation of a research platform, equipped with highly innovative minds as well as state-of-the-art experimental equipment to pursue studies on the ageing of human tissue.

Unique in its kind, this ‘double approach’ undertaken simultaneously in the fields of biology and mechanics aims to improve every citizen’s health by developing new therapeutic solutions.

PHARE – Platform for turning machines to overcome environmental risks

The objective of this platform is to propose an approach, guaranteeing the integrity of systems by studying and thus preventing possible instabilities and fracture expansions while minimising energy consumption. This seemingly contradictory aim demands numerous empirical studies on the system’s failure mechanisms as a response to instabilities or shocks such as to obtain a more thorough understanding. Numerical approaches are taken to further the knowledge on the matter and to expand their capacities in developing a reliable virtual design tool. This would allow an optimisation of security, energy gain and environmental impact.

For more information on the project, please visit PHARE

MANUTECH – Technology Manufacturing

The project constitutes state-of-the-art laser equipment, a multiscale surface characterisation system as well as a 3D characterisation tool, which altogether allow the fast realisation of modelled surfaces and the proceeding characterisation of such.

EQUIP@MESO - Excellence facility for intensive computing of coordinated mesocentres

Springboard towards petaflopic computing and exascale.

LABEX – Excellence Laboratory

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is currently involved in 5 LabEx:

CeLyA – Lyon Center of Acoustics

CeLyA is run by the Fluid Mechanics & Acoustics Laboratory (LMFA) and represented by Daniel Juvé.

A unique feature of CeLyA, which as such is unseen in France, comprises the reunification of various disciplines from acoustics to solid mechanics, material science, image signal control, physiology and cognitive psychology.

The main fields of research of CeLyA cover the characterisation of noise sources, wave propagation in complex media as well as their impact on humans.

IMU – Understanding of urbanisation developments

IMU is devoted to the acquisition of scientific and technical expertise on the urbanisation and metropolisation processes and in a more general sense, urban life in the past, presence and future.

iMUST – Institute of Science and Technology for Multiscale Studies

This projects aims to promote interdisciplinary research on multiscale studies in order to tackle and solve complex problems in material science and to develop environmentally sustainable technologies. iMUST unifies knowledge and experience in the fields of physics, chemistry and engineering to deal with two fundamental problems, materials and processes as well as clean technologies.

MILYON – Lyon Society for Fundamental Studies in Mathematics and Computer Science

The aim of this particular labex is to unifie fundamental research on mathematics and computer science in Lyon.

MANUTECH – SISE Science and Engineering of Surfaces and Interfaces

This project targets the acquisition of a more rigorous understanding of mechanical, chemical and physical phenomena related to surfaces and interfaces.

PRIMES - Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, and Simulation


National public-private network developing electronic components based on gallium nitride.

Energy Transition Institute (French abbreviation, ITE)


In the field of high and very high voltage electric networks. The SuperGrid Institute will be allocated a 72.6 M€ grant by the ANR. A company (SAS) was created in January 2014.


Lyon Institute of non-carbon energy and eco-technologies. IDEEL has been set up to develop innovative solutions to make industrial processes cleaner and to transform industrial waste into new products or new sources of energy. It was allocated a 39.7 M€ grant.

Initiatives of Excellence in Innovative Education (French abbreviation, IDEFI)


Training innovation entrepreneurs able to manage complex work environments by implementing an I.D.E.A. generator (Innovation, Design thinking, Entrepreneurship and Arts), granted 6.3 M€.

Technological Transfer Acceleration Companies (French abbreviation, SATT)

SAAT Lyon - Saint-Étienne created in May 2013.

Program dedicated to research in aeronautics


Démonstrateur pour l’avenir (GEstioN OptiMisée de l’Énergie - optimised energy management).