Registration at École Centrale de Lyon 2020-2021

Online registration is suspended until August 17, 2020.

If you have any questions related to your registration, please check the FAQ first. You will also find on this page the contact persons according to your profile. All questions related to tuition fees are available on the "Average budget for a student in Centrale Lyon" page.

Registration Calendar

An email will be sent to students when the registrations are open. Registration can be done online at

We strongly advise international students to register as soon as possible, in order to facilitate all administrative procedures.

As an exceptional measure, École Centrale Lyon has decided to extend to December 31, 2020 the academic year for generalist engineers in 3rd year and Masters in 2nd year. The students concerned who intend to complete their studies during this period do not have to re-register.

General Engineering


1er-22 July 2020

International students arriving under cooperation agreements

French students arriving under national agreements or CASTing competitions

3A already in 2A or gap year in 2019-2020 (delayed)

Gap year or without certificate

17- 26 August 2020

2A already at the Ecole in 2019-2020

19-27 August 2020Centrale Supelec Competition 1
from 1 October 20203A already in 3A in 2019-2020

1 If you answered "yes" or "yes but" on admission and you have not yet received the email with registration information, please call the school service from 1pm to 4pm on 04 72 18 64 00.


Targeted PeopleRegistration Date
French Master's1-22 July 2020
International Master'sto be confirmed


Registration begins after validation by the thesis commission. End of registration 2 weeks after validation of step 6 out of 6 in Siged.

Registration formalities

Even if registration is not yet open, please do not hesitate to download in advance the list of required documents (in French). As a reminder, no initial training file can be validated without payment of the CVEC, except for foreign students coming under an international exchange agreement.

The registration will be valid only after verification by the schooling service and payment of at least the first instalment. The files are processed according to the priorities defined by Centrale Lyon and the teams do their best to process the requests as quickly as possible. Please do not send them again, unless there is an urgent need (e.g. a scholarship, visa, etc.).

Fees can be divided into three successive monthly instalments. Please check the possible means of payment.

If you wish to pay online, please make sure you do so before validating the very last step of the registration process. You will not be able to pay online anymore once your application has been sent.

Preparing for your arrival

Read the Frequently Asked Questions of the new school year.

Compulsory health insurance is no longer managed by the institutions:

  •  If you are attached to a social security fund in France, your situation will remain the same.
  •  If you are a foreign student with a European card, your health insurance will be covered according to the rules in force in your country.
  •  Otherwise, you will have to join the French social security system on the website

First Day of School

Any student who, although having made known his acceptance of entry to the École Centrale de Lyon, does not appear on the day of the start of the academic year, will be considered to have resigned. In the event of a major reason justifying a possible delay, inform the schooling service.

Read the complete schedule of the new school year.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions of the new school year.