Pedagogical continuity: Thank you and bravo!

It's been two weeks since the school went into distance learning. The transition was almost instantaneous, firstly because many resources were ready, but also thanks to the remarkable responsiveness of our teachers and support services.

We are now entering a stabilised phase, where the challenge will be to balance efforts to maintain the system in place over the coming weeks. Student motivation must remain constant, and as in ordinary times, a multiplicity of teaching approaches is the key.

Beyond the teaching, the entire training activity remains in place: the vast majority of internships continue, often at home, as do academic exchanges with our partners abroad. After a hectic first week, daily work has resumed, with preparations for the start of the new school year, particularly on recruitment. Institutions of higher education are already used to working with digital tools that enable distance working. But this period is also an opportunity to experiment with new collaborative methods which, I am sure, will change the way we work when Centrale Lyon opens its doors again.

In this unprecedented period, being able to rely on the support of the teaching and research departments is invaluable. I also see how much the proximity between teachers and support staff (schooling, business relations, IT services, etc.) is an asset. It is the size of our institution that has made these links possible, and this facilitates distance working today.

To all our teams, who are hard at work, and to our students, who are once again proving their ability to adapt, I say thank you and bravo!

GrégoryVial, Director of Studies