2018-2019 Online Registration at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

You have just been accepted to the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, congratulations! It is now time to complete your registration process.

Registration at the l'Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Registration Calendar

The schedule varies according to your situation. International students benefit from more flexible planning to simplify French administrative procedures. Nevertheless, it is advisable to do what is necessary as quickly as possible.

Online registration will be suspended during the Ecole's annual closure, from 26 July to 20 August 2018.

General Engineering

Targeted PeopleRegistration Date
International students arriving under cooperation agreementsfrom mid-July 2018
French students arriving under national agreements or CASTing competitionsfrom mid-July to 27 August
Centrale Supelec Competitonfrom 22 to 30 August (first round), then every Thursday
2A already at the Ecole in 2017-18from 20 to 28 August
3A already at the Ecole in 2017-18from mid-July to 27 August


Targeted PeopleRegistration Date
French Master'sfrom 20 August to D-5 before the beginning of courses
International Master'sfrom 20 to 25 August


Registration begins after validation by the thesis commission. End of registration 2 weeks after validation of step 6 out of 6 in Siged.

Registration formalities

Registration is done online to make it easier. You will receive by email the login address and your username in order to register, to make your student social security affiliation and your payment. All the documents to be provided will be specified on the registration website.

In order to prepare yourself, do not hesitate to download in advance the list of documents to provide (in French). As a reminder, no initial training file can be validated without the payment of the CVEC.

For faster processing of your file, we advise you to make a payment online.

Attention: if you wish to pay online, be sure to do so before validating the very last step of registration. You will not be able to pay online once your file has been sent.

It is also possible to pay your registration on the first day of school. Please consult the "Accepted means of payment" form for more information. A spreading in 3 times is available, online as at the beginning of the school year.

Registration will only be final after payment of at least one deadline and validation of your file by the school service.

Your health coverage

The terms of student health coverage are changing this year: most students are now attached to the general social security system and no longer pay contributions.

If you were not yet affiliated with a student social security scheme, you will continue to be affiliated to your current social protection scheme, often that of your parents or legal guardians.

To find out everything according to your status, consult the "Your health coverage" page.

To prepare your arrival

Read the letter to admitted students, gathering useful information on booking a room in a university residence, important documents to bring on the first day of school to complete the administrative file, preventive medicine and sports.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions of the new school year.

First Day of School

Any student who, although having made known his acceptance of entry to the École Centrale de Lyon, does not appear on the day of the start of the academic year, will be considered to have resigned. In the event of a major reason justifying a possible delay, inform the Ecole's school service.

Read the complete schedule of the new school year.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions of the new school year.