New school year FAQ

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  • I am considering arriving at Comparat just before the start of term, would there still be enough choices to find a floor that suits me?

    • The Residence Bureau (BDR) cannot guarantee anything. The later you arrive, the less chance you have of finding a place on the floor that suits you.

  • I would like to arrive at the Comparat residence during the weekend, is this possible?

    • No, the residence can only receive new lodgers from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. To stay during the weekend, you must arrive before 4pm on the Friday before.

  • If I apply for accommodation in mid-August, will I still be able to receive a room at the Comparat residence?

    • You can send the application in mid-August, but it is best to send it once you have definitively accepted the institute’s offer to enrol.

      First-year students take precedence over all others. They are guaranteed a room until the first day of term.

      Download the accommodation choice form.

  • Is it OK to send my accommodation application in mid-August to have a room at the Adoma residence?

    • For 1st year students (entering September) applying for Adoma, we suggest you send your application as soon as you have the results of the competitive examination; in general, rooms are all booked by the first week of August! Apply using the choice of residence form as soon as possible.

  • Is online enrolment urgent or can I delay it for a while?

    • Administrative enrolment must be carried out before the stated deadline (shortly before the start of term). The earlier you do it, the quicker your file can be checked and be completed and, if necessary, corrected. The different sections of your file allow us to calculate the fees payable, prepare your student card and your student account before your arrival.

      Carrying out this procedure is all the more important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic so that we can be fully organised to welcome you in light of all precautions. Any student who has not completed enrolment in time may not receive their student card on the first day.

      No person will be accepted from the start of term if they have not finalised enrolment.

  • On what date are international students effectively registered with French social security?

    • It is the date of enrolment at the higher education institute, which cannot be before 1 September.

      Until then, you will not be able to take out mutual health insurance (supplementary insurance) because you will not be registered with social security. The only remaining option is to take out full insurance cover, which is more expensive. It is therefore in your interests to carry out all procedures as soon as possible.

  • Where can I find the holiday dates for the academic year?

    • They will be placed on the Intranet at the start of term. 

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