The LearningLab is a laboratory for pedagogical innovation. It is dedicated to the use of technology, methods and environments conducive to creative, collaborative work. Its versatile furniture, writeable walls, interactive screens, telepresence robots and co-design rooms are open to everyone.

Tableau numérique au LearningLab

Take a virtual tour of the LearningLab.

Facilities and uses

With a total space of 400 m², the LearningLab comprises seven innovation rooms and a ‘pedagogic cafeteria’ accessible to:

  • teachers of all subjects whether in initial education or continuing education,
  • students working on projects,
  • research teams meeting for work, seminars or creativity sessions,
  • creative meetings for departments,
  • staff on continual professional development courses,
  • steering or creativity seminars for companies.

The facilities of the LearningLab are also available for hire by those outside the institute.