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A pioneer of international collaboration, Ecole Centrale de Lyon has created strong links with renowned universities abroad, developing partnerships at the heart of European and Mediterranean networks, as well as across the globe.  

In Europe : T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe)

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is a member of the T.I.M.E network which brings together more than 50 universities with world-class reputations. Their shared objective is to create engineers who are bilingual and bicultural, capable of adapting to and working in multicultural environments that are often very different to the two countries in which they studied.  

This originally European network has now spread across the world, with participating universities in countries as far-reaching as Australia, Brazil, China, Japan and Russia.

For more information: TIME network website

In China : The “5+4” network

From the first partnership agreement signed between Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Tsinghua University in 1990, the relationship between Centrale Lyon and Chinese universities has continued to strengthen, with the partnership extending to the Jiatong universities of Shanghai, Xi’an and the South-West.

The « 4+4 » partnership agreement aims to produce high-level bicultural engineering graduates in the style of the T.I.M.E network. Signed in 1996, this agreement now includes all five Ecoles Centrales as well as the above Chinese universities.

In the spirit of mutual interest, this agreement provides extensive benefits for participating students as well as for the host country.

At Centrale Lyon, 153 Chinese students and 30 French students have partaken in the program, with more than 100 students receiving degrees from the host university. Today, they are pursuing careers in China or in France within multinational corporations or Chinese companies.

This network brings together :

* The “5+4” network may soon become ”5+6” with the inclusion of Jiaotong University Beijing and Zheijiang, with whom a new partnership agreement is being developed.

In Brazil : The ”5+6” network

Bilateral collaboration in research between Ecole Centrale de Lyon and several Brazilian universities have now extended to academic exchanges, taking place within the framework of a French-Brazilian network known as “5+6”.

This network brings together:

This partnership is extremely active, with approximately thirty Brazilian students arriving at Ecole Centrale de Lyon each year to undertake a double degree, a year-long exchange, or a laboratory internship. At the same time, French students are offered a wide variety of educational opportunities all over Brazil.

In the Mediterranean : The RMEI network

The RMEI, or Réseau Méditerranéen des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs, is made up of 73 technical universities and engineering schools from 16 countries with Mediterranean cultures. Ecole Centrale de Lyon is an active participant in this network, which over the last ten years has facilitated the collaboration of its member universities to promote sustainable development in the education of engineers coming from Mediterranean backgrounds.

Within this context, students from Ecole Centrale de Lyon carry out joint projects with other Mediterranean young people on topics that endorse the particular strengths of the Mediterranean region.

For more information : RMEI Website