Ecole Centrale in Beijing

Ecole Centrale in Beijing (Beihang University - Centrale Pékin)

Created at the request of the Chinese government in 2005, Ecole Centrale de Pékin in Beijing is the first Grande Ecole for Francophone engineers in China.

The result of a very strong partnership between the Ecoles Centrales Group (GEC) in France and Beihang University in China, Centrale Pékin is a real driving force for the creation of economic links between France and China, providing future employers with a pool of high-level, multi-skilled, trilingual engineers.

Ecole Centrale de Pékin caters to engineering students with its “French-style” curriculum which spans a period of six years. After one year of intensive study of the French language, students undertake two years of preparatory classes before continuing with the trademark engineering program for the remaining three years.

Ecole Centrale de Pékin in numbers :

  • 1000 students across 8 year levels : of whom 27 undertake a double degree and 40 a third-year exchange program in one of the Ecoles Centrales in France.
  • The first graduating class received their diplomas on the 7th of January 2012.
  • 12 industrial partners, including one Chinese company (COMAC-Commercial Aviation of China) which is responsible for a large aviation project.
  • The creation in May 2012 of LIA2MCIS - International Associated Laboratory in Mechanics, Materials, Control and Information Science - with LIA led by Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Ecole Centrale de Pékin places the Ecoles Centrales and Beihang University at the heart of Sino-French relationships in the educational domain. The school enables the Ecoles Centrales to play a rallying role in China for the development of French-style engineering education.

For more information: Centrale Pékin website