Come and Study: Exchange Year or Semester

This exchange option is available either during the second semester of second year (S8) or the first semester of the third year at Centrale Lyon.

In order to be eligible for this exchange, students must have obtained at least 180 ECTS credits, be selected by their university of origin (a partner university of Ecole Centrale de Lyon), and have a sufficient command of French to follow the course. Course credit for the exchange will be allotted with ECTS credits.


This application has to be done in 2 steps:

1. Fill in the form and send it back.

2. Once your application is received and recorded, an email will be sent to you by our international relations department. Then please, create your online application and upload the following files:

  • your resume
  • the official nomination of your university to participate in the exchange program
  • your id picture (jpeg format, max. 2Mo)
  • your university transcript
  • a certificate of your French proficiency levels
  • a certificate of your English proficiency levels (if accurate)
  • at least one reference of a professor in sciences of your university
  • a copy of your passport and id card
  • the "Learning agreemen"t for Erasmus+ students

An exchange semester (S8) in 2nd year

(from 4 February to 31 August 2019)

During the second semester of the second year of studies at Centrale Lyon, students participate in a program that links subjects studied in class with a three-month research project in one of our laboratories. Subjects are chosen from a range of over 50 courses offered. The ensuing research project will be determined by the university of origin and Ecole Centrale de Lyon before arrival in Decembre 2018.

The program


The application to an exchange semestre in 2nd year (S8 in 2A) has to be done online until 27 Novembre 2018 on the website

An exchange semester in 3rd year

This semester gives students the opportunity to participate in an exchange semester “à la carte”, linking scientific courses with courses oriented around six careers in third year that represent typical roles held by a Centrale graduate engineer. Language studies and sport complete the curriculum. The semester takes place from September to the end of March.

More information on the program


The application has to be done online on the website

Year-long exchange (S9-S10)

This year, thirty places are available within this program.

In this program, students take courses that represent industry sectors, as well as future career choices for recently graduated engineers. This study period takes place across two semesters – one academic semester, and one semester which involves a project in the domain of specialisation, either in a company or in one of the school laboratories. This intersection between options, which represent an industrial or service sector, and métiers, which represent future careers, ensure that each student receives a personalised program. Depending on the option chosen, students are also able to study an M2 research Master in one of the many high-level domains explored in the school laboratories.  

This program is accredited by the ECTS credit system. It is also possible to obtain the Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures de l’Ecole Centrale de Lyon (DESECL) through participation in the third year exchange.

More information on the program


The application to an exchange year or semester in 3d year (S9-S10) for the year 2018-2019 has to bedone online until 20 April 2018 on the Mobility Online website.