Study at Centrale Lyon: Double Degree

As part of the agreements signed by Ecole Centrale de Lyon and its international partner universities, a certain number of places are offered each year for entry into first year at Centrale. These places are available to high-achieving students from partner universities who wish to receive a double degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

This excellence-based program is facilitated through the European T.I.M.E network. The extension of the program to China and Brazil has marked a decisive step in the development of the international dimension of the school.  Today, the program extends to countries such as Japan, Russia, and most recently, Australia.

After having completed a minimum of two years of study in their university of origin, students complete the first two years of the standard engineering course at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, in order to acquire the skills and understanding that define a Centrale generalist engineer.

Students then return to their country of origin to complete their original degree, before receiving both the degree from the university of origin and the diplôme d’ingénieur from Centrale.

In order to participate in the demanding double degree program, students must be selected by their university of origin, as well as demonstrating a good command of the French language.

*Exceptionally and depending of the level odf the student, there are also various exchange arrangements in development with certain universities where it is possible to take on the second and third years of study at Centrale Lyon.

The Program


You have until 23 Avril 2020 to fill in the online form on the website Mobility-Online and submit your application file by following the indications that will be given to you. All applications will then be checked by the Commission des Echanges universitaires (CEU) which will gather around mid-May.

The online application has to be done on the website