I want to come and study at Centrale Lyon

Welcome to France and to Ecole Centrale de Lyon!

International students at Ecole Centrale de Lyon make up 38% of the total student population, with these students enrolled in every type of academic program that the school has to offer.

By coming to study at our institution, you will become one of the many students from around the world who join us every year, in the same way as our own students choose to study abroad in order to enhance their education. Exchanges like this are unforgettable experiences which will prove to be invaluable in your future professional career.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon’s principal objective is to educate generalist engineers, who benefit from a multidisciplinary scientific and technical program that is dedicated to excellence, along with a curriculum that has a significant focus on humanities and social sciences. Your education will also be enriched by the high-quality partnerships the school shares with industry, as well as through the input of the school’s dynamic, internationally-recognised research laboratories.

There are several options offered to international students, with opportunities available for students wishing to pursue a degree-oriented program, non-degree-oriented program, or postgraduate program:

  • As part of an engineering degree
    • A double degree through an agreement with our partner universities overseas, which allows students to receive both the diplôme d’ingénieur from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, as well as the degree from their university of origin.
    • A year of exchange (S9-S10 exchange), in which students choose to study one of the in-depth specialisations offered in the third year of study at Centrale. 
    • An exchange semester in second (S8 exchange) or third year (S9 exchange), which permits students to obtain ECTS credits while studying abroad.

  • Further education
    • Master studies, centred on high-level studies in our research laboratories
    • Research projects of six-month duration in an Ecole Centrale de Lyon research laboratory
    • A thesis, sometimes with additional supervision from a partner university

Jeunes Ambassadeurs, or Young Ambassadors:

By coming to study at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, you can also benefit from a unique program at the heart of cultural and economic life in the Rhône-Alpes region: Jeunes Ambassadeurs.

The purpose of the program is to facilitate quality relationships between international students, businesses, and regional institutions, as well as contributing to the international standing of Lyon and the surrounding area.

Each student selected for the program is mentored by a coach, a member of a sponsoring company who guides the student through an understanding of the economic, institutional and cultural elements of the region.

The program has benefited over 1500 Young Ambassadors from 80 countries ever since its creation in 1999.