Research Partnerships

Benefit from privileged access to laboratories and their works

The nature of General Engineering Grandes Ecoles involves high quality research in multiple scientific areas: Centrale Lyon has therefore developed a complete and coherent range of scientific disciplines for an Engineer. This arrangement allows for the cross-linkage between disciplines and facilitates interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

World-renowned and powerful laboratories

All our laboratories are associated with CNRS and reconciles fundamental research and technological research. This is a guarantee of the highest level of reputation in France and overseas as well as their ensuring that they respond to the demands of the companies.

A few key numbers...

  • 6 UMR laboratories - labelled CNRS
  • 4 LIA - Associated International Laboratories (Brazil, China, Korea, Japan) and 1 UMI - International Joint Research Unit (Canada)
  • Scientific Platforms
  • Compressor test benches, anechoic chambers, wind tunnels, high voltage test centres, micro-nanotechnology centres
  • 200 Industrial Contracts each year
  • 15.5M€ revenue
  • 200 articles per year in international journals
  • 23,000 m2 dedicated to research

Scientific valorisation

To find out more about the innovation and competitive clusters within Ecole Centrale de Lyon, please visit the section Research - Valorisation