Chairs at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Be it for universities or for doctorates, the number of chairs have multiplied in recent years, more so in universities than in Grandes Ecoles.

Alliances are formed based on themes representing major issues for the economic and social community, thereby creating synergies: teaching and research come together to provide solutions for companies.

The main objective of a chair is to pool together the existing curriculum, to enhance them by external expertise and to create new courses in hitherto untouched fields. In addition, the chair aims to develop research work. The companies and the students are linked to certain research projects supervised by professors in the Ecole.


Logo Eco-Emballages

Ecole Centrale de Lyon signed its first industrial chair in February 2012. Supported by the Science & Business Alliance and financed by Eco-Emballages, this chair aims to:

  • Equip students of the 2 Ecoles with knowledge in regards to recycling.
  • Provide students with awareness in regards to waste-management in their daily lives.
  • Investigate plastic recycling.

For more information, please view the Eco-Emballages website

Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation

Logo Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso

A € 200,000 scholarship was granted by the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, to support the « A » for Arts of the I.D.E.A. Program. This foundation, supported by the Fondation de France, was created at the beginning of 2010 and aims at supporting financially projects in the fields of sustainable food systems and art. Through this sponsorship, a strong collaboration was born between the two institutions. Besides the financial donation, the expertise of Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation in the domain of Arts is a major asset for the very unique program I.D.E.A.

More information on the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation

Hutchinson Group

Logo Hutchinson

Thanks to the chair developed by the Science & Business Alliance and the Hutchinson Group SA around innovation and creativity, students of the IDEA Program will benefit privileged relations with the group, whose emblematic motto is "We make it possible": projects mentored by Hutchinson's managers, career conferences , industrial or research centres  visits...

More information on the Hutchinson Group



KPMG support the actions for entrepreneurship development of the EMLYON Incubator by becoming a partner of the new chair « EMLYON - Incubator - KPMG Start up & high growth ». The Ecole Centrale de Lyon is associated to the EMLYON Incubator within the framework of the Science & Business Alliance. By getting into partnership with the Incubator, KPMG will work actively with high growth potential companies and whishes to contribute to promoting technologic entrepreneurship. Therefore, the chair aims at:

  • developing a support to the beginning of the growth, allowing the creation of about a hundred companies within the next five years,
  • fostering research, knowledge and best practises sharing to answer growth issues for innovative companies.

More information on KPMG

Groupe SEB

Logo SEB

A sponsorship convention was signed on 22 January 2013 between Groupe SEB, worldwide leader in the small domestic equipment market, and the Science & Business Alliance. By signing this convention, Groupe SEB supports the I.D.E.A. Program. This support consists in one hand in participating to the academic program by taking part in the courses, giving conferences focused on careers and mentoring "Grand Idea" projects, on the other hand in developing facilities - particularly the FabLab and coming soon the LivingLab.

More information on Groupe SEB

Snecma, part of the Safran group: Adopsys Chair

The industrial aeroacoustics chair ADOPSYS fulfilled and made durable on 3 April 2014 a strong and already long collaboration between Snecma and the Acoustics Centre of the Laboratory of Fluid Transfer and Acoustics at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. The Chair is aimed at addressing the reduction of aerodynamic sound sources of modern propulsion systems in aeronautics by means of improved understanding and modelling of all underlying generating mechanisms.

More information on Snecma, part of the Safran Group