Becoming a Partner

A variety of lectures and areas of specialisation offered by Centrale Lyon presents companies with the possibility of personalised and tailor-made partnerships.

  • Becoming a partner of Centrale Lyon is a decision to invest in an international hub of excellence in education and research.
  • It is about being involved with an efficient and sustainable partner actively involved in education, research and international development.
  • It is to respond to demands in terms of recruitment, core and continued education, research and technological problems.

The Department for development and corporate relations of Centrale Lyon develops a "tailor-made" partnership agreement with companies who wish to invest in it. From research, to education, to international outreach, Centrale Lyon proposes to each company an action plan corresponding to its own needs.

In February 2012, Ecole Centrale de Lyon signed its first industrial chair, hosted by the alliance between Centrale Lyon and EMLYON and financed by Eco-Emballages.

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