Ecole Centrale de Lyon: a socially responsible citizen open to the world

Well aware of its position in the community and the responsibilities that come with it,  Ecole Centrale Lyon has been wholeheartedly engaged in its role as a socially responsible citizen for over ten years. Through its teaching and learning activities and through the implication of its students, the School has continually developed innovative projects and programs that promote social diversity, which continue to this day.

The School also strives to create equal opportunities in higher education by contributing to a number of initiatives supporting schoolchildren from diverse backgrounds in obtaining better academic results. At the same time, in pursuing such objectives, Centralians develop solidarity with these communities through several different undertakings within their associations and projects.

OSE les SCIENCES (Dare to take on the sciences): a project whose objective is three-fold

Ecole Centrale de Lyon aims to combat the negative thinking patterns and lack of self-confidence of certain high school students that prevents them from taking up scientific studies and in particular, engineering studies.

Formed in January 2006, the organisation called "Ose les Sciences" is made up of teacher-researchers, students from Centrale, and PhD candidates.

The action plan of the organisation is based on three objectives:

  1. Increase awareness among high school students, by informing them about various scientific careers and engineering professions
  2. Encourage female students to take up engineering studies
  3. Inspire high school students from lower socio-economic backgrounds to consider higher education opportunities.

For more information:  Ose les Sciences - Bilan des actions menées en 2010-2011

Ecole Centrale de Lyon encourages women

Vignette femme

On 9th July 2013, Frank Debouck, director of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, signed a chart for Women and Men Equal Opportunities in higher education and research institutions.

By signing this chart, Centrale Lyon commits to take position on Women/Men equal opportunities actions, to lead and promote this actions, towards both students and staff, whether administrative or educative and research staff. This commitment can be achieved by different ways, among which in particular awareness campaigns. When the Chart for Women and Men Equal Opportunities was signed, Isabelle Trebinjac, professor at École Centrale de Lyon was named as a representative at the School.

This commitment comes after the signature in March 2013 of a partnership with "Elles bougent" ("They move") association, who aims at encourage female careers in engineering jobs, especially in the aeronautics, spatial and transports domains: in a nutshell, all sectors lacking female talents.

If women represent only 25% of the the students in Ecole Centrale de Lyon today, let's bet that they will be more in the future.

Passeport Avenir - Partnerships promoting Equal Opportunity

Created in 2005, the Passeport Avenir association was born of a singular belief: that businesses have a definitive role to play in combating social discrimination, which all too often blocks access to engineering and management grandes écoles for certain young people. The mission of Passeport Avenir is also to provide individual or group mentoring to university students for whom this might prove a determining factor in the realisation of their professional objectives and in their graduation.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon joined the Passeport Avenir program in July 2011. Since the 2011-2012 academic year, individual or collective mentoring and tutoring has been available to students in 1st and 2nd year. Several initiatives supervised by mentors from partner companies have also been put into place to encourage exposure to engineering career paths, access to internships and international mobility.

This initiatives are all supported by the Rhône-Alpes Region.

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