Networks and Partnerships

Created in 1857 to respond to the new, constantly-changing needs in industry, Ecole Centrale de Lyon recognised the importance of adapting to these technological and economic evolutions in order to offer high-level educational and research programs.

In this spirit, Centrale Lyon has consistently chosen to ally itself with institutional, academic and industrial partners in order to consolidate its scientific and technical expertise as well as establishing its place on the international stage.

The School benefits from a large network that boasts both high levels of competence and a shared pursuit of excellence, at a local, national and international level, continuously adapting in order to better meet the needs of the workforce.

Institutional Partners


Neighbours for over 30 years, Ecole Centrale de Lyon and EMLYON share a long history of cooperation on academic programs, student exchanges, and cultural and humanitarian projects. With well-established bonds and a strong level of compatibility, Centrale Lyon and EMLYON joined forces to create a new type of program within higher education - multidisciplinary and with a global outreach - known as the Science & Business Alliance.

Écoles Centrales Group

Comprising the Écoles Centrale of  Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes et Paris, the Group contributes to the harmonisation of academic programs, the sharing of experiences, and collaboration in international relations. A key stakeholder in corporate development, the Écoles Centrales Group has established a reputation as a global reference point in the education of the generalist engineers of tomorrow.

Université de Lyon

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is a founding member of the Research and Higher Education Cluster in Lyon, uniting 19 higher education and research institutions in the Rhône-Alpes region. The objective of the Cluster is to consolidate the visibility and the appeal of the main actors in higher education and research in the area.

T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe)

Ecole Centrale de Lyon joined the TIME network in 1992. Today, 50 universities and schools renowned for their history of excellence in scientific and technical education are part of this network, which aims to develop engineers who are bilingual, capable of adapting to a future career in a multinational corporation.

Carnot Institutes

In partnership with fellow higher education and research establishments in Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon has created an organisation belonging to the Carnot community - Institut Carnot - in order to facilitate joint research endeavours through a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at applied research and the corporate world.

Collège des Hautes Études - Lyon Science[s]

Five Lyonnais higher education institutes have joined together to create the Collège des Hautes Études - Lyon Science[s]. Utilising a history of successful joint ventures  in education and research, Centrale Lyon, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Sciences Po Lyon and VetAgro Sup have created the Collège des Hautes Etudes – Lyon Science[s], which will debut at the beginning of the 2013-2014 university year. This formation, facilitating convergence of each institution's field of knowledge and common initiatives, will result in a higher education program as well as broad, diverse research projects.

Network and clubs

As a grande école for engineers,  Ecole Centrale de Lyon benefits from the following networks and associations:

Academic Partners

Ecole Centrale de Lyon recognises the importance of developing an exceptional network aimed at facilitating cooperation and exchange between renowned universities worldwide: the School possesses 167 partnership agreements in 36 countries, 67  of which are for double degrees and 36 of which are for the Erasmus exchange programs.

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Industrial and company partners

Ecole Centrale de Lyon maintains partnerships with numerous companies in a variety of domains, including aeronautics, energy, the environment, information technology and computing, transport, electronics and the automobile industry.

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