Leadership and Organisation

Organigramme direction

Senior Leadership Team

Director: Frank DEBOUCK

Secretary-General: Françoise TAILLEBOT

Great Projects Advisor: Denis JEANDEL

Accounting Officer and Director of Finances: Valérie DEMULE

Director of Studies: Grégory VIAL

Director of Research: Jean-Pierre BERTOGLIO

Director of International Relations: Richard PERKINS

Director of Development and Corporate Relations: Mohamed ICHCHOU

Director of Communication: Béatrice TRAVERSE

Hygiene and Safety Engineer: Carole BERNARD

Library Director: Clarisse MARANDIN

Chief of strategic development: Stéphanie LANSON

School Board

President: Christian MARI

Vice-president: Jacques MAIGNÉ

The School

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is an EPCSCP (Établissement Public à Caractère Scientifique, Culturel et Professionnel).

Led by a director supported by a senior leadership team, the School is structured into departments responsible for maintaining harmony between the establishment's two key missions: education and research. These 6 departments coordinate the actions undertaken by the research units and the teaching units.

The School is administrated by the School Board, assisted by a Studies Council (Conseil des Études) and a Scientific Council (Conseil Scientifique). These three bodies are comprised of members representing each group within the school, as well as by external members coming from industry and other institutions.