Sustainable development and CSR

Objective Earth: Our 25 environmental and social commitments

Centrale Lyon has been working toward sustainable development over many years. To organise and appraise its approach, the institute established an action plan that has been employed since September 2019: ‘Objective Earth’.  This plan comprises 25 environmental and social commitments that are the result of a collective work of all stakeholders of the institute. It is built around five major themes.


We need to be exemplary. Our campus must be managed in an environmentally responsible manner. We are working to reduce our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste while also seeking to improve recycling and the environmental and sustainable management of our green spaces.

Social responsibility

The second theme echoes civic duty. The Centrale Lyon community should take a humanist stance and support its community. We are pushing to increase our percentage of grant holders, strengthen our actions in favour of gender equality and diversity and improve the quality of working conditions of staff and students.


Our third driver is expertise. We are employing our research in the solidarity and environmental transition and expounding it in public debates. We intend to expand the portion of our laboratories' research projects related to sustainable development, entering pivotal partnerships and creating a recognised centre for expertise.


Our fourth development theme rests on transformation. We are broadening the skills of our students so that they can fulfil the goals of sustainable development. We are bringing in the best experts in their fields to teach and interact with the business world.


Our governance is structuring itself to better lead and appraise its actions in keeping with our action plan. Each year, we will publish a report on how these actions are being pushed forward.

In April 2020, École Centrale de Lyon broke into the Times Higher Education rankings on sustainable development and social responsibility. The Impact Ranking is a wonderful recognition for all those at our institute who have made efforts on these issues.