Vision, Mission and Values


The mission of Ecole Centrale de Lyon is to educate its students to become generalist engineers and multi-disciplined post-graduate leaders in their field, with an open-minded, wide-ranging vision of the world.

Along with a fundamental basis of scientific and technical skills, the School combines an approach towards humanities and the social sciences that provides graduates of Ecole Centrale de Lyon with an ability to quickly acquire the competencies needed to execute the management positions and international roles they may hold in the future.


In an ever-changing world, Ecole Centrale de Lyon - through the partnerships that it is continually creates and renews within industry - ensures that the education received by its students is aligned with the needs of industrial enterprises, so that the engineering students of today can best respond to the scientific and societal challenges of tomorrow.




Our mission: To act in an effective and responsible manner


  • To provide our engineering students with all the resources they need to succeed.
  • To open their eyes to a greater understanding of the world: the world of business, of research, of international relations, of the markets of the future.
  • Demonstrate through the way we teach not only how to do, but how to be.



Our mission: Provide each person with the chance to succeed


  • Respect each individual in their cultural diversity and background
  • Present them with opportunities - at the very core of School life - to interact with others and their environment
  • Together, create ideal conditions for students to work as part of a team, enriched by what each person can uniquely contribute.



Our mission: Dare and inspire


  • Cultivate a spirit which incites the desire to do: the thirst to initiate and implement in order to achieve personal dreams.
  • Be available to listen, to ask questions, to innovate and to allow students to take their own initiative.