Résidence Paul-Emile Victor (ADOMA)

The Paul-Emile Victor residence is a private residence - managed by the ADOMA organisation - comprising 240 studios of 18 m², 28 m² and 30 m².

Services and facilities

  • Each studio is equipped with an individual kitchenette (two hot plates, a refrigerator and a sink) as well as a bathroom (sink, bath, shower, toilet).
  • The studios are furnished (bed, bedside table, desk, table, chairs, stools, wardrobe)
  • Each studio is equipped with telephone, Internet and television outlets.
  • Each building contains a 35 m² function room complete with a kitchenette, ideal for School association meetings and groupwork.
Logo recyclage


To meet the environment-friendly policy of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, rooms are equipped with selective recycling bins, to be emptied when they are full in recycling containers available in bin storage areas on each floor. Additional recycling containers are available in a bin storage area located at the bottom of each building.

For bulky cartons, specific containers are available in a bin storage area at the bottom of each building.


  • 18 m2 studios: 473,93 €/month
  • 30 m2 studios : 620,30 €/month on average

The cost of accommodation includes all supplementary costs including furniture and maintenance. The admission fee is set at 100 €. It is necessary to provide housing insurance upon arrival.

The residence’s lodgers are eligible for financial aid from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF).


Students who desire to live in the P-E Victor residence must send ADOMA a copy of their fiche de choix de résidence by email.

Upon reception, an email will be sent back explaining the procedure for reservation.

Please note: Students in first year have priority when assigning rooms and studios on the campus. All requests will be taken into account depending on the number of places available.

The P-E Victor is open all year round, including during summer (July-August).