Where should I live?

On campus

Résidences étudiants Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Two student residences are located on the campus of Ecole Centrale Lyon:

  1. Paul Comparat Residence: This residence consists of 403 individual rooms managed by Centrale Lyon.
  2. Paul-Emile Victor Residence: This private residence is managed by ADOMA which holds 240 studios ranging from 18 to 30m².

Students in 1st year receive priority when allocating rooms and studios on the campus.

In 2nd and 3rd year, priority is given to scholarship students and international students who have been accepted as part of an exchange with one of Centrale Lyon’s partner universities.

Off campus

Student residences, university accommodation

  • LyonCampus: LyonCampus is a site designed to answer questions and assist university students in the Lyon region.
  • CROUS: The CROUS manages university residences in France and has a list of accommodation available on their website. The CROUS office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4pm.
  • CLLAJ: The Comité Local pour Le Logement Autonome des Jeunes de la Région Rhône-Alpes website contains information packages and brochures that are available for download (explaining procedures such as bail, caution, inventory of fixtures, notice).
  • CRIJ: At the Centre régional d'information jeunesse you will find posters advertising accommodation offers all year round.

Useful Internet sites*

Sites for finding a shared apartment*

To help students in paying their rent, the Caisse d'allocations familiales (CAF) provides financial aid to students for accommodation costs. This financial aid is calculated with respect to the type of accommodation and each student’s personal financial situation.

International students can also benefit from this type of aid.

*Please, note that these websites are not managed by Ecole Centrale de Lyon.