Tuition Costs, Payment, Scholarships

FAQ (1st Days of School)

[Costs] What is the cost of tuition?

The fees charged by the Ecole correspond to the registration fees (national or voted by our Board of Directors), except in special situations (French government scholarships, professionalization contract, agreements between institutions, resumption of studies and lifelong learning...)

At the same time, the Ecole's associative life is very rich. To join the various associations (Association des Centraliens de Lyon, WEI, USE ECL, AEEECL, AEEECL, ECLAIR, BDE etc...), don't forget your chequebook on the back-to-school day.

[First day] What is the total amount of payments requested on the back-to-school day?


Registration fees: possibility to pay in 3 times.


Some contributions are very strongly recommended (those of the AEECL and the USEECL) but other contributions are also possible on the back-to-school chain (Fablab, Ski Club, Mountain Club, Dance Club...) as well as other offers (the culture pass, the promotion sweater...).

Most of the payments are pooled by the BDE (cheques made out to AEECL - CODEBAR) and then transferred to the other associations. The exact amount of contributions cannot really be determined in advance: we advise you not to arrive with pre-filled cheques.

Payment methods accepted by associations:

  • cheques (payable to AEECL - CODEBAR),
  • credit card,
  • species (for international students who do not have a French chequebook yet),
  • payments by phone on the Lydia application.

Students wishing to register for the Integration Weekend (strongly recommended) must bring a deposit cheque (payable to AEECL - WEI), otherwise they will not be able to participate in the weekend. These cheques are not cashed and are returned or torn during September.

[First day] What are the mandatory payments on the back-to-school day?

Apart from the administrative part, nothing is mandatory.

However, it is strongly recommended to take out memberships to access the handouts (SDEC) and the School's alumni network (ACL), which can be very useful for any contact search (internship or other).

[Online payment] What should I do if I can't validate my online payment?

Contact the School's revenue department (service recettes).

[Online payment] I have finished my online registration and I would now like to be able to pay, how do I do that?

Online payment is no longer possible once the file entry is completed. Consult the payment methods guide.

[Online payment] I did my registration online without going to the payment. I was thinking about coming back to it later to make the payment. Now I can no longer make the payment online. What to do about it?

Don't worry about it. Payment is mandatory from the beginning of the school year. As long as you have completed your registration, it is no longer possible to pay online. A schedule can be recalculated on the day of the re-entry chain.

[Payment methods] What are the possible payment methods?

Consult the payment methods guide.

[Payment methods] Is it possible to pay the rest in cash on the back-to-school day?

Legally, the École Centrale de Lyon can only accept a maximum of 300 € in cash. To reduce the amount to be paid on the first day of school, you can spread your payment over 3 instalments. This limit applies separately for residences or rights.

As far as associations are concerned, they accept payment in cash, but we do not recommend it because it represents a large amount of cash for them. If you come to WEI, it is preferable to have a cheque for the deposit (cash payment really complicates things). 

[Payment methods] I changed my mind and would like to pay online, even if I had chosen another payment methods. How to I do this?

Our computer system does not allow us to change the payment method. You can pay by credit card on the first day of school, or by any other means of payment available.

[Payment methods] I'd rather wait until the back-to-school day to pay. Is that possible?

That is quite possible.

However, check the payment method that will be possible taking into account the different constraints (cash payment limited to 300 €, credit card limit...)

[Payment facilities] I want to pay in 3 times, is that possible?

The fees related to your administrative registration can be paid in 3 times.

If it is a re-enrolment and you must be a graduate in the October juries, please be aware that your diploma cannot be awarded until all amounts due have been received.

[Payment facilities] What are the terms of payment in 3 times?

This choice is proposed at the time of online registration. The payments will be identical and spread over 3 successive months.

Example: annual cost for an engineering student 2500 € in 2018-2019

  • 1st payment date in September: 833.34 €
  • 2nd payment date in October: 833.33 €
  • 3rd payment date in November: 833.33 €

If you have already finalized your registration and have not planned several deadlines, contact the School's revenue department (service recettes).

[Payment facilities] Can the cheque I send be cashed on a deferred basis?/ Will all cheques given at the beginning of the school year be cashed in September?

According to public accounting regulations, the cheque is cashed upon receipt.

For associations, this may be possible: please mention it on the back-to-school day to find a solution.

[Payment facilities] There have been regularizations on my file and I have several schedules. How to I handle this?

If you have already started paying, it is not possible to delete the current schedule.

You can pay the total amount to the accounting agency (all payment methods accepted) or by mail by cheque, bank transfer, money order (see payment methods). Otherwise, you will keep several deadlines.

If you have not yet started paying, contact the School's revenue department (service recettes) for a regularization of your file.

[Anomaly] I paid when I shouldn't have. What to do about it?

Please contact the Registrar's Office (service scolarité).

[Student job] I saw on the School's website that there were student jobs to supplement the end of the month on campus. Would it be possible to have more details (schedules, remuneration etc.)?

Some jobs are offered by the campus administration.

All job offers are published at the beginning of the year and all the information is included in the various descriptions. These jobs only take a few hours each week and are at the minimum wage.

Otherwise, for those who wish to give courses or babysit, offers are available via the associations and on MyECL (you will have access to them as soon as you get your login and password, on the back-to-school day).

[Scholars] I have just received my notification as a state scholarship holder and have already paid the fees and student social security. What to do about this?

First of all, it is necessary to justify this new situation to the school authorities so that the fees can be recalculated. Log in to the registration portal to submit the notification.

There is no need to prevent schooling. The file will be processed.

The school will request a refund and validate your situation with the CROUS so that you can receive your payments from the CROUS.

Upon receipt of an email from the school, it will be useful to provide an RIB to the accounting agency so that the transfer can be initiated.

[Scholars] I have not received my provisional notification of scholarship. What should I do?

You can still register online, without having to register as a scholarship holder.

  • If you receive the notification before the start of the school year or at the end of September for those who are not on campus, you can deposit your scholarship on the online registration site, which will allow the school to recalculate the fees.
  • If this notification arrives after the start of the school year or 30/09 for those who are not on campus, you will have to advance at least one third of the fees. A refund will be made after the scholarship has been deposited on the registration site.

Under no circumstances should you declare a scholarship holder situation if you do not have a notification.

[Scholars] I received my conditional notification of a CROUS scholarship but the École Centrale de Lyon is not on the list of institutions?

We will take your situation into account, with some exceptions.

The situations that may not be taken into account immediately concern the 0bis levels if the distance between home and schools is greater than that with the École Centrale de Lyon.

[Scholars] What should I do with my CROUS scholarship notification?

When you registered, you had to submit your notification on our website.

  • If you depend on the CROUS in Lyon, we will automatically validate your registration, which will trigger your payments. There is no need to send them the notification stamped by the École Centrale de Lyon.
  • If you depend on another CROUS, you must quickly send the notification signed and stamped by the École Centrale de Lyon, in order to complete the transfer. As soon as you receive the notification from the CROUS in Lyon, leave it on the registration portal ( or depending on your situation). This will allow us to validate your situation so that you can receive your assistance.

[Scholars] I still haven't received my allowance. What should I do?

First, check the document on the portal.

  • If it is a notification from the CROUS in Lyon, your situation should be checked with them.
  • If it is another CROUS and the transfer has been made, leave us the new notification on the portal ( or depending on your situation) so that we can validate your registration with them, which will trigger the payment.
  • If it is another CROUS and the transfer has not yet been made, check that you have done the necessary. No payment will be made until you are attached to the CROUS in Lyon. Don't forget to submit your new notification with the correct attachment on the portal. This is what will allow us to validate the payment.