Student Residences: Comparat

FAQ (1st Days of School)

[Calendar] Is sending housing applications in mid-August enough to get a place?

You can send the form in mid-August but it is best to do so as soon as you have pronounced the final "yes".

Download the residence choice form.

[Calendar] I was planning to move to Comparat the day before school starts, do you think it will still be possible for me to find a room on a floor that suits me if I leave it until the last minute?

The later you leave it, the harder it will be for the BDR (Student Residence Association) to find you something suitable...

[Booking] I am a Master's student or doctoral student, do I have a place reserved in a residence on campus?

Some rooms are reserved for Master 1 and PhD students. The number of places being limited, we cannot guarantee that you will have a place at the Comparat residence. However, you can send an email to subscribe to the waiting list. In case a place becomes available, you will be informed.

[Insurance] Should I insure my room at the Comparat residence? It is indicated that a certificate of civil liability must be brought on the first day of school. Where to get it?

You must request a certificate from the insurance company that insures you, either individually or through your parents. Third-party liability insurance insures against any damage you may cause, it is mandatory.

For any damage you may suffer (theft, loss of keys, etc.), you must take out home insurance. Home insurance is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

[Rates] How much does the rent at the Comparat residence cost?

Find all rates (daily, weekly and monthly) on the dedicated page.

[Aids] If you have a room in Comparat, are you entitled to the APL (Personalized Housing Assistance)?

It's not exactly the APL but the ALS. As an indication and depending on personal cases and your eligibility, the monthly amount is 85€. A simulation can be done on the CAF website.  To avoid losing rights, make the online steps as soon as possible.

[Reception] I wanted to arrive the weekend before to the Comparat residence but if I understood correctly they won't give us the keys for the weekend?

No, the residence only welcomes you from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. It is therefore necessary to arrive no later than Friday before 4pm....

[Reception] Could one of our carers give us a summary of how the arrival takes place and who to contact? (Room allocation, paperwork and other formalities).

Before going to the residence reception, make sure you have received a positive response from the residence (confirmation email). If this is not the case, call the number indicated on the letter to admitted students. You can collect the keys from Thursday 22 August 2019, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

To find out how to get to École Centrale de Lyon, see the "Getting to Centrale Lyon" page. The reception of the residence is located at the foot of Building X (ground floor 51 Chemin des Mouilles 69130 Ecully).

You will be greeted by the manager and the BDR (students 2A from the Residence Life Office). The BDR will help you choose the room on the floor that suits you best. There are different floors according to your desires and personality, like V45 mountain/ski, U56 music, etc. The manager will check with you the administrative formalities: cashing of the deposit cheque (one month and a half of rent, i.e. 500€), handing over of the keys and inventory of fixtures (be careful to note all possible damages, the School will base its departure on these observations).

[Reception]  I saw that Comparat is open from August 22th. Is it just to set up my things or can I already sleep there?

It is possible to sleep there from August 22th, nights in August being charged in addition.

[Rules] Is it allowed to accommodate someone from outside the School in our room on a temporary basis - for a weekend for example?

Yes, but only exceptionally because the rooms are designed for one person.

[Arrival] Can I ask a friend to take the keys for me or do I really have to be there personally?

You must be there personally.

[Room] In Comparat, is there a bedside or desk lamp?

No, but there are three lamps on the walls. Two on one side and one on the other.

[Room] I have a room at the Comparat residence, is it possible to bring a sofa bed to replace the bed during the year?

No, the furniture must remain as it is!

[Room] In Comparat, duvet, pillow, sheets, etc. are provided, right?

Sheets, duvet and shower curtain are provided, but if you don't like bolsters, bring your pillow!

[Room] Are there any prohibited equipment in the rooms and what is the limitation regarding power consumption (e.g. for kettles)?

The residence's internal regulations state that all household appliances are prohibited in the rooms. However, a kettle or coffee machine is allowed.

[Room] Is there a microwave in the rooms? If not, are we allowed to bring one?

There will be a microwave in the common kitchen, it is not allowed to put one in your room.

[Kitchen] What is provided in the kitchen, and what do you need to bring?

The residence provides microwaves, fridges and cooking plates.

You must bring your own kitchen utensils and tableware: plates, cutlery, pots and pans if necessary. Depending on the floors, everyone will share it or not. Some kitchens are well equipped, others a little less so!

[Kitchen] Is there an oven in the common kitchen?

La résidence n’en fournit pas mais elle les tolère. Cela dépendra donc de l’étage... Certains se sont cotisés l'année dernière pour en acheter un.

The residence does not provide them but it tolerates them. So it will depend on the floor... Some of them contributed last year to buy one.

[Kitchen] And for the fridge(s) how does it work? For personal food?

It is up to you to see how you want to organize yourself on the floor and whether you want to share or not. Otherwise, trust is required. Usually the people on your floor are nice and it goes well! Refrigerators are not allowed in the rooms.

[Practical] Is it possible to receive mail if you live in the Comparat residence?

Yes, address: [First name, Last name + Room number] 51 chemin des Mouilles 69130 Ecully.

[Practical] In Comparat, is there a spot where you can park your car?

Yes, there are many spots along the four buildings of the residence.

[Practical] I saw that there was room to park cars, but is there a covered area to shelter motorcycles near Comparat? Is the school compound closed? (Through a fence or portal).

The entrance to the car park and the school grounds are not closed. Apart from the closed bicycle room, there are no shelters.