Student Residences: Adoma

FAQ (1st Days of School)

[Calendar] Is sending my accommodation request in mid-August enough to get a room?

For 1st year applications (September) to Adoma, we recommend that you send your application as soon as you receive the results of the competitive exam: in general, all places are taken from the first week of August! Make the request with the residence choice form as soon as possible...

[Booking] I am a Master's student or doctoral student, do I have a place reserved in a residence on campus?

No, unfortunately the number of places is limited and we cannot guarantee that you will have a place at the Adoma residence. However, you can send an email to subscribe to the waiting list. In case a place becomes available, you will be informed.

[Aids] If I have a room in Adoma, do I qualify for the APL (Personalized Housing Assistance)?

Yes, the studios are eligible for the APL, depending on personal cases and your eligibility.

[Room] Is there a possibility of sharing a room for two?

This is possible at the Adoma residence where some larger rooms are reserved for couples. This is a T1 bis (there are 18 in total), the rent is around 620 €.

[Room] Is there a microwave in the rooms? If not, are we allowed to bring one?

There are no microwaves in the rooms in Adoma, but you have the right to bring one.

Attention: are not allowed in the rooms: electric heating, air conditioning, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher... (Charges are included in the rent and there is no individual meter, so not everything is allowed). This type of device will be systematically removed.

[Practical] Are sheets and dishes provided?

No, household and bed linen is not provided (no pillow, duvet...). Dishes and cleaning utensils must also be provided.

[Practical] Is it allowed to accommodate someone (from outside the School) in our room on a temporary basis - for a weekend for example?

Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is provide the guest's identity card at the office, specifying the date of arrival and departure. The cost is 2 € per day with a maximum duration of 3 months. Registration is mandatory.