Social Security

FAQ (1st Days of School)

How much does social security cost?

Social security affiliation is free of charge for students.

I am over 28 years old. What health coverage can I take?

Age has no impact on the terms of social security coverage.

General regime, professional regime, student social security, I get lost in it. What is it about?

Until 31/08/2018, almost all students had to join a specific student health insurance plan. In parallel, people in professional activity are linked to health coverage linked to their professional activity (professional regime). Very often, this is the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie), i.e. the general scheme.

The student social security system disappeared on 31/08/2018. All students are now affiliated to the general plan or the same plan as their parents.

Will the health care reimbursements be sent to my parents or directly to me?

The student is an insured person of their own. As a result, information relating to their reimbursements is communicated to them personally, in particular via his AMELI account. If they have provided a personal RIB, they will receive their health care reimbursements by transfer to their own bank account.

I am also working as an employee. On whom will I depend? Is there a number of hours required to be affiliated to the general scheme on professional criteria?

Students who carry out an activity as an employee in parallel fall under the general regime (or the professional regime if they are affiliated with a specific regime).

Affiliation based on professional criteria is acquired as soon as the first hour worked of the year is taken into account.

I am on a work/study training program (apprenticeship contract or professionalization contract). Where do I have to be affiliated?

Affiliation is in the general scheme.

What is the effective date of affiliation of international students?

This is the date of registration at the higher education institution, which cannot be before 01/09/2019.

I am a foreign student. Is there a 3-month period of residence in France to be respected to be able to benefit from my rights?

No, this criterion has been deleted.

Is it mandatory for international students to be affiliated?

Affiliation is compulsory regardless of age, and cannot be substituted by private insurance.

Among the supporting documents required for registration with the health insurance is a full copy of a birth certificate (or birth certificate with filiation, or other document issued by the consulate). Which consulate should the future international student in France contact?

In principle, the French consulate located in the country that prepared the document.

What are the registration procedures for students who are nationals of an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland?

Students who are nationals of an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland must arrive in France with their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). In which case, they will also have to affiliate on the dedicated website.

I am asked for proof of my social security registration for the year 2019-2020. Where to get it?

The institutions no longer manage social security at all since 2018. You must therefore obtain the certificate from your social security institution. If you were previously registered in a French student social security scheme (such as SMERRA or LMDE), the files would normally have been transferred to the general social security fund, but the former student social security will remain in place for several months. You can therefore contact them.

What is the difference between social security and a mutual fund ("mutuelle")?

French social security allows you to be reimbursed for your health expenses up to 70% of the expenses incurred, within the limits of compliance with the rates regulated by social security, the declaration of the insured of a referring doctor, the use of generic medicines...

It is strongly recommended to sign up for an additional health insurance (mutuelle) to be better reimbursed. This is particularly important in the event of hospitalization.

With the abolition of student social security, where can I get a health insurance?

Student social security is a form of student mutual fund that benefited from a public service delegation. They therefore continue their missions as insurers for students, in addition to public services.

However, you are not obliged to contact a student mutual fund. Many organizations offer health coverage (insurers, mutuals, banks etc.) Feel free to compare.

Finally, if you encounter difficulties in accessing healthcare, you can benefit from the complementary CMU or assistance for a complementary health insurance. Social security can also provide you with exceptional and punctual financial assistance. Ask the CPAM for more information.

I'm still at student social security. Can I request the complementary CMU or help for a complementary health insurance?

This support is possible if you comply with the eligibility criteria.