FAQ (1st Days of School)

What do I need for the courses?

Do we need to bring the preparatory class courses for the year in Centrale?

Some of the course can help you to review some concepts, but in most subjects the courses start again on a common basis for students from all preparatory classes, so don't worry! Handouts are provided for subjects where there is a need to learn the courses.

Where can I find a list of first year courses?

Downloading the Core Courses Programme.

Student card, certificates

What to do if I have lost my student card?

You have to pay the amount for the renewal of the card to the accounting agency and then go to the reception desk of the IT Departement (DSI) during its office hours to obtain your new card.

I have applied for housing assistance and I am being asked for a recent proof with my student number. Where can I find this number?

This number is noted on the school certificate. If you do not have it yet, it is generally noted on the transcript of the baccalaureate marks when it has been passed in France, or on transcripts of marks or certificates of French higher education.

How can I get a school certificate?

When the school validates your application and if you have paid at least 1/3 of the amount of fees due, the school certificate will be downloadable online on the registration website.

Attention! No file will be processed by the school until you have completed your entry.

To be prepared on the first day of school

Where can I find the medical file? Is it necessary for the doctor to fill it out?

You can download the medical file towards the end of the procedure from the registration portal (section "attachments"). It must be pre-filled, the Centrale Lyon doctor will take care of completing it.

Is it necessary to print the "Fiche de cheminement à l'arrivée à l'École Centrale de Lyon" or will it be provided at the beginning of the school year?

We'll give it to you at the beginning of the back-to-school day. It is a sheet that provides information on all the "stands" you will pass along the re-entry chain, and each stand will stamp its location on the sheet to validate that you have passed through it and that you have done what you should have done.


Does anyone have the dates of all the holidays this school year?

They will be on the Intranet when the school starts.

A question concerning the gap year: in which year is it done? On the website, it says that it is possible to do so at the end of the first year, is that true?

The gap year is at the end of the 2A. A break at the end of the 1st year is possible but exceptional.