Administrative Registration


[Calendar] When do we receive an email for school registrations?

See the registration opening calendar.

[Calendar] Until what date can I register?

See the registration opening calendar.

[Calendar] The online register site is closed. Is that normal?

The online registration site is suspended from Thursday 24 July to Monday 19 August 2019 inclusive. Emails will not be processed during this period. When the École Centrale de Lyon reopens, files and correspondence will be processed, taking into account the start dates for each student and the elements of files to be constituted as a priority for the start of the school year. A little patience then, all the files will be dealt with!

    [Calendar] Is online registration urgent or can I wait?

    Administrative registration must be fulfilled before the deadline communicated (shortly before the start of the academic year). The earlier you do this, the faster your application file will be checked and can be completed and corrected if necessary. The elements of your application file allow you to calculate the amount to pay, to prepare your student card and your computer account before your arrival.
    No person will be accepted on the first day of school if they have not completed their registration.

    See the registration opening calendar.

    [How to Register] How can I receive the registration form?

    All administrative registration formalities are done online. You will receive the login address by email to complete your registration and to pay. The documents to be provided will be specified.

    In all cases, this registration will only be final after at least one payment, the validation of your application by the schooling service and being present on the first day of school for engineers (except those in other institutions).

    [How to Register] I have been admitted and have not received an email to complete the registration process.

    Check your status in the registration opening calendar. If the planned date has passed, please contact the schooling service to check your situation.

    [How to Register] I just checked a definite "yes" and I did not receive an email. Do I have to register at the School now?

    Two situations are possible:

    • You had previously entered a "yes but": you must normally already have received the link to register. If you did not receive an email, please call the school service during the permanence from 1pm to 4pm on 04 72 18 64 00.
    • You were on the waiting list and have just been admitted to the School: you must receive a registration link on the Thursday following the acceptance. If this is not the case, contact the schooling service as soon as possible.

    [Anomaly] I did my registration online without going to the payment. I was thinking about coming back to it later to make the payment. Now I can no longer make the payment online. What to do about it?

    Don't worry about it. Payment is mandatory from the beginning of the school year. As long as you have completed your registration, it is no longer possible to pay online. A schedule can be recalculated on the day of the re-entry chain.

    [Anomaly] When I validated my registration, I asked to receive a copy by email of my registration file but it still hasn't arrived, is that normal?

    The message is certainly blocked in your spam. Please check your mailbox. In any case, you can review your file by logging in again.

    [Anomaly] When I log in, it says that no training is open. Is that normal?

    Please check your status in the registration opening calendar. If the registration opening date has passed, please contact the school to check your situation.

    Otherwise, have a little patience, you will receive an email to register as soon as you have been accepted at the School!

    [Anomaly] I can't login / my login codes are incorrect. What can I do?

    Sometimes the connection is not possible. Several possibilities:

    • the application only works with Firefox or Chrome browsers (change browser);
    • there has been a momentary power cut during an update, please try again later;
    • this is your 2nd year at the École Centrale de Lyon, click on the "re-registration" link (just nearby);
    • your identifiers and passwords are incorrect, please contact the IT hotline.

    [Attached Files] I can't upload a file. How can I do?

    Except from photography, only PDF formats are accepted. The width/height ratio must be between 3/5 and 1.

    Sometimes a file is too large. In this case, you should compact them so that the file size is at most 100 KB for the photo and 2 MB for the pdf files.

    Moreover, if the documents in your file have already been validated by the school, you will no longer be able to modify them directly on the registration site.

    International Students

    [International] I applied for a master's degree on CampusFrance. How will I be informed of the response?

    Please check the CampusFrance platform.

    Student in a Gap Year or Soon to Graduate

    [Anomaly] I received a registration email while I'm about to graduate. Why?

    The board of directors of the École Centrale de Lyon has voted to extend the 2018-19 academic calendar of generalist and masters courses to Monday 30 September 2019. From the moment you have an educational activity after this date (internship, defense...), registration is mandatory on the 2019-20 year. The rules applicable to registration fees are the same as for all academic years.

    If you are not in this situation, please contact the school to check your situation.

    [Anomaly] I'm going to take a gap-year. What should I do?

    You must register administratively within our establishment.

    • If you take an accompanied gap-year (CCPMI, C-PECL, Digital Lab), you must pay the corresponding fees.
    • Otherwise (simple gap-year), there will be no registration fee.

    [First Day of School] I'm in a gap-year or abroad. Do I really have to be there on the first day of school?

    The start dates are only for students who will have an educational activity on campus. However, don't forget to register.

    Other Information Requested at the Time of Registration

    [Missing Information] They ask me my address but I don't know it yet. What should I do?

    Do not wait until you know your address to register. The sooner you register, the sooner we can get back to you if the file is incomplete or invalid. Simply fill in the current address or a stable address (e.g. parents' address). You will just have to change the address on the site when it will be known.

    The registration addresses are as follows:

    Validation of my Registration File

    [Anomaly] I received an email informing me that my application file is incomplete and that some documents in my file are missing or incorrect. What to do?

    This problem is usually due to documents that would be missing or not legible/valid. Log in to the site to replace the necessary documents before school starts:

    Please check that the document is legible. If not, upload a new document after checking that you can read it! When you replace documents, it is useless to inform the school service. The file will be processed.

    Examples of documents to be modified:

    • jpeg document filed in previous years or other illegible documents - please replace the document by a pdf format.
    • Document not corresponding to the situation announced on the site (ex: scholarships...) or the academic year.
    • Document that are not sufficiently official.

    In all cases, please check the type of document requested.

    [Attached Files] I would like to change a document on the registration portal. How do I do that?

    As long as the schooling service has not validated your file, you can connect to modify the provided documents:

    [Attached Files] I submitted new documents on the registration site and had no feedback.

    You can check if your documents have been validated by reconnecting on the registration site. If this is not the case, it will soon be treated. There are many registrations and we do our best to process all requests as quickly as possible.

    [Finalization] When am I effectively enrolled at the École Centrale de Lyon?

    The issuance of the tuition certificate and the student card or sticker officially validate the registration in the establishment. This will only be final after payment of the full registration fee.