Campus Map

Plan du campus de l'École Centrale de Lyon


Electrical engineering, control systems engineering, microbiology, (Ampère)


Institut Camille Jordan (ICJ)

E6 2d floor

Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon (INL)


Laboratory of fluid mechanics and acoustics (LMFA)

KCA, J12, I11, H10, E6

Laboratory of tribology and systems dynamics (LTDS)

H10, G8, G8bis, G8 Phare, E6, D4, D4bis, D5bis and T23 (TMM)

Laboratory of digital imaging and information systems (LIRIS)

E6 2d floor

Teaching and Research Departments

Department of communication, languages, business studies and sport (CLES)


Department of electronics, electrical engineering, and control systems (EEA)

H9, F7

Department of fluid mechanics, acoustics, energy (MFAE)

I11, J12, KCA, H10, E6

Department of mathematics, computing and information technology (MI)

D5, E6

Department of solid mechanic, materials engineering and civil engineering (MSGMGC)

E6, G8, H10

Department of materials and surface sciences (STMS)

D4, F7, H10


Director, Secretary GeneralZ2 1st floor
CommunicationZ2 1st floor
Management et Research DevelopmentZ2 1st floor
General Affairs, Accounting Finance, HRZ2 ground floor

Development and corporate relations

International relationsD5

Information Technology Resource Centre (CRI)

ConcoursW1 bis

Technical services (direction), Health and safety


Technical services (reception)


Technical services (Centrale shop, maintenance)


Technical services (grounds)

M16 ground floor

Technical services (washing)

M14 underground

Campus Life


Student foyer

M16 ground floor
Student associationM16 1st floor
Éclair associationM16 2d floor

Medical Wing

U ground floor

Lecture theatre, classrooms, technical services (logistics)

W1, W1bis
APECLYM16 2d floor
Michel Serres Library, ArchivesS3
Paul Comparat residenceU, V, T, X
Paul Emile Victor residenceA, B, C

Aerial view of the campus

  1. Paul Comparat residence - Buildings U and V
  2. Paul Comparat residence - Buildings T and X
  3. Paul Émile Victor residence
  4. Gymnasium
  5. Cafetaria and associated buildings
  6. 64 chemin des Mouilles entrance (residences)
  7. Research centres
  8. Teaching buildings
  9. Administration and library
  10. 36 avenue Guy de Collongue entrance
  11. Principal residence Charrière Blanche