Average budget for one of our engineering students

To assist you in preparing your time at Centrale Lyon, we present you with some guidelines to give you an idea of the budget required.

Please, note that for international students coming within the framework of an international exchange agreement, fees may can be different (ask the International Relations Service).

Cost of the rentrée for the 2020-2021 academic year (indicative only)


DescriptionWithout a scholarshipScholarship holderInternational Double Degree Students

Tuition fees for general engineering students who entered in 2018-2019 or after.

(Includes French students, students from the extended EEA1 or students from outside the extended EEA enrolled in French higher education/a language centre in 2018-2019)

2500 €0See home university

Tuition fees for engineering students who entered before 2018-2019.

(Includes French students, students from the extended EEA1 or students from outside the extended EEA enrolled in French higher education/a language centre in 2018-2019)

601 €0See home university
Engineer students from outside the extended EEA1 who were not enrolled in French higher education or a language centre in 2018-20193770 €2500 €See home university
Tuition fees for Master's students or "Digital Lab" coursesConsult the "Differentiated Rights" sheet and the Masters page.

Contribution to student and campus life (CVEC)

92 €092 €

For more information and supporting documents to be provided, please download the "Differentiated Tuition Fees" sheet.

* Only international engineering students, admitted by the CEU within the framework of a double-degree exchange agreement between the École Centrale de Lyon and their institution, are concerned.

Depending on activities, an overview of the participation to student life and various living costs

DescriptionWith or without a scholarship
Annual contribution to the Association des Élèves de Centrale Lyon (AEECL)175 € (118 € for 2 years, 59 € for one year)
Annual contribution to USE ECL (sports association) 2019-202090 €
Enrolment for the induction week-end (Week-End d'Intégration - WEI) 2019-2020140 €
Fees for printing polycopiés (course notes) (SDEC)2 (estimation)125 €
Life membership to the Centraliens de Lyon association (Alumni)1800 €

Living costs

DescriptionCost without aids
Accommodation (per month)3Centrale Lyon residence345 €
ADOMA residence473.93 to 620.30 €
Restaurant universitaire (per meal)3.25 €
Laundry (per load)2.20 €
Transport: bus/métro ticket (student price)1.51 €

Financial aids and resources

To learn more about financial aids and resources accessible to international students, please contact the International relations service.

Financial aids open to everyone

  • Housing aids offered by the CAF (see website)
  • Assistance with the payment of the housing deposit proposed by Action Logement as part of the Loca Pass action (for people under 30 years of age).

1The enlarged European Economic Area (EEA) includes the states of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Switzerland and Quebec.

2 All printing of course notes is done by the Service Des Cours (SDEC), which is part of the Association des Élèves of École Centrale de Lyon (AEECL). This fee has been calculated based on the average requirements of a student over the course of a year. The amounts shown in this table may decrease by a few euros. Please do not provide pre-filled cheques for the re-entry chain.

3 Does not include the first month in a residence and optional contributions.