Frequently Asked Questions (First Days of School)

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  • Are the rooms in the Comparat residence equipped with a microwave? If not, is it allowed to bring one?

    • There will be a microwave in the communal kitchen, it is not allowed to put one in your room. (Refrigerators, oven and hotplates are also strictly forbidden in the rooms).

  • At the Comparat residence are provided: duvet, pillow, sheets, right?

    • Sheets, duvet and shower curtain are provided, but if you don't like bolsters, bring your pillow! !

  • At the Comparat residence, is there a bedside or desk lamp?

    • No, but there are three lamps on the walls. Two on one side and one on the other.

  • At the Comparat residence, is there a place to park my car?

    • Yes, there are many places along the four buildings of the residence.

  • Can I ask a friend to take the keys to my room at Comparat for me or do I really have to be there personally?

    • You really have to be there personally.

  • Can I pay the rest in cash when we get back?

    • By law, École Centrale de Lyon can only accept a maximum of 300 € in cash. To reduce the amount to be paid on the first day of the school year, you can spread your payment over 3 installments. This limit applies separately for residences or fees.

      As far as associations are concerned, they accept payment in cash but we advise against it as it represents large sums in cash. If you come to the WEI, it is preferable to have a cheque for the deposit (cash really complicates things).

      For more information, please see the Means of Payment Guide.

  • Can the cheque I send be cashed at a later date? / Will all the cheques we give out in the fall be debited in September?

    • According to public accounting regulations, the cheque is cashed upon receipt.

      For associations, please mention it on the back-to-school day to find a solution.

  • Do I have to insure my room at the Comparat residence? It is indicated that you have to bring a certificate of civil liability on the bakc-to-school day. Where to get it?

    • You must request a certificate from the insurance company that insures you, either individually or through your parents. Civil liability insurance covers you against any damage you may cause, it is compulsory.

      For any damage you may suffer (theft, loss of keys, etc.), you must take out home insurance. Home insurance is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended.

  • Do we need to bring the preparatory classes courses for the curriculum to Centrale?

    • Some of them can help you to review some concepts, but in most subjects the courses start over on a common basis for all prep courses, so don't worry! Handouts are provided in the subjects where there is a need to learn the lessons.

  • During my registration validation, I asked to receive a copy of my file by email but it still hasn't arrived, is this normal?

    • The message is certainly stuck in your spam. Plesase check your mailbox. In any case, you can review your folder by logging in again.