Contribution to Student and Campus Life (Contribution à la Vie Etudiante et Campus - CVEC)


I don't really know if I'm concerned. Who has to pay?

Students in initial training are concerned. Apprentices, students working for Government, doctoral students must pay this contribution.

International students coming in international exchange are also concerned, insofar as they are enrolled in training at school (DESECL, double degree etc.).

Continuing education trainees are not concerned.

I come in exchange and I am still asked for a CVEC certificate. Is that normal?

Yes, since you are concerned by this contribution.

I will have a scholarship allowing me to be exempt but I have not yet received notification. What am I supposed to do?

You must register on the site and pay the contribution. When you receive your notification, you may request a refund.

I do not yet have a National Identification Number (INE). Can I do the paperwork?

Absolutely. All you have to do is to create your account and submit a declaration on your honour certifying your enrollment in a higher education establishment. A template is attached.

I made a "Yes, but" wish, and am not sure of the city in which I will enroll. Do I have to wait to do the paperwork?

The change of city will be without consequence. As soon as you are sure that you will enroll in higher education, we advise you to enroll as soon as possible.

I registered and then decided to stop my studies or not to study in France. Can I get my money back?

No, you can't. Only exempt students can ask for a refund.

I am enrolled in two institutions. Training at Centrale is not eligible for the CROUS scholarship. However, my other registration allows me to receive a scholarship, and therefore to be exempt. What shall I present?

The exemption certificate must be accompanied by the certificate of schooling of the other training allowing exemption.