Lists of our Master's programs

Sciences, Technology, Health

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C. BaillyLyon1, INSA, ENTPE
Aerospace engineering

Aeronautic and Space Propulsion

Dynamics and composite durability

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S. Aubert

M. Ichchou

Chemistry and material sciences

Innovative materials for health, transports and energy

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S. Benayoun

Lyon1, UJM, ENSMSE, Institut Mines-Telecom
Statistics and econometrics

Risk Management in Insurance and in Finance (GRAF)

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C. Blanchet

Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Processes (EEAP)

Electronics and Instrumentation

Automation systems engineering

Electrical Engineering

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I. O’Connor

A. Korniienko

F. Morel

Lyon1, UJM
Civil engineering

Energy efficient building

Materials and Structures for sustainable building

Soil and infrastructure

Mobility in mega cities

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E. Vincens

Industrial engineering

Advanced methods in industrial engineering

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A. Saïdi

Computer Science

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence


Systems, networks and virtual infrastructures

Information Technologies and Web - Master's website

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L. ChenLyon1, Lyon2, ENSL, UJM, ENSMSE
Health Engineering

Medical Imaging, Signals and Systems (MISS)

Conception and optimisation of health products (COPS)

E. LaurenceauLyon1, UJM, EMSE
Applied mathematics and statistics

Maths in Action

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M. MarionLyon1, ENSL, UJM, ENSMSE, Institut Mines-Telecom

Fluid and energy mechanics
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Structurs and systems dynamics

Tribology and surface engineering

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C. Corre

T. Hoc

L. Jézéquel

D. Mazuyer

Lyon1, ENISE, ENSMSE, Institut Mines-Telecom
Nanosciences et nanotechnologies

Nanoscale engineering

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B. VilquinLyon1, INSA
Optics, Imaging, Vision, Multimedia

Surface and Interface Science and Engineering (SISE)

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D. MazuyerUJM, ENSMSE, Optique Clermont
Risk and Environment

Gouvernance des Risques Environnementaux (RISE)

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R. Perkins

Lyon1, Lyon2, Lyon3, ENTPE, ENSMSE, Institut Mines-Telecom
Public Health

Biostatistics, Biomathematics, Bioinformatics and health

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C. HelbertLyon1
Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate Sciences (SOAC)

Air quality


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R. PerkinsLyon1

Humanities and Social Sciences

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Social and Workplace Psychology

PARC - Cooperative Work, Working in Networks

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J. Vacherand-Revel


Law, Economics, Management

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Risks and EnvironnementIn common woth the "Sciences, Technologies and Health" domain (see first section).

List of Authorized Masters

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Ethics, ecology and Sustainable Development

Logics, History and Philosophy of sciences and technics.

V. BeauboisLyon1, Lyon3,