Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship & Arts Program (I.D.E.A.)

Centrale Lyon and EMLYON Business School presents the 1st program in entrepreneurial innovation, the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Arts program - I.D.E.A.

The I.D.E.A program aims to nurture entrepreneurs in innovation, to be agile and decisive in complex environments, able to thrive in the world of globalisation where sustainable development is key.

The process of I.D.E.A relies on an experiential pedagogic approach based on Design-Thinking. The future graduates will become "Ideactors". Focused and motivated, they undertake an entrepreneurial project right from the first week to arrive at a concrete and innovative solution, evaluated by renowned entrepreneurs and innovators.

This program is targeted at students with a Bachelor degree or a degree certified niveau II issued in specialisations as diverse as philosophy, sociology, mathematics, law, economics, managerial science, architecture, design etc.

The prospects for the Programme I.D.E.A. are aplenty and all are dedicated to entrepreneurial innovation, whatever the size of the organisation. Suited for all sectors, the graduates of this new type of program have access to the following functions:

  • Creator of an innovative enterprise/ Turnaround of an enterprise
  • Head of an innovative enterprise/ High Tech Intrapreneur
  • Business Developer / Manager of an innovative project / In-Charge of diversification
  • Head of R&D unit / Head of Laboratory
  • Head of an innovative product/ Innovative Product Engineer
  • Manager of transition technology / Consultant in Innovation

These profiles correspond equally to PME/PMI and ETI at the research of diversification on joint technologies/markets as well as large companies that wish to take on board managers into their plans for immediate renewed operational growth. The creators of new enterprises will have privileged access to the Incubator EMLYON and to Centrale Innovation.

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