Master's Programs

Ecole Centrale de Lyon partners with other higher education organisations to deliver:

  • 16 Research Master’s specialising in Science, Technology, Health
  • 1 Research Master’s specialising in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 1 Research Master’s specialising in Law, Economics, Management
  • 3 Master's are international Master's programs

In addition, Ecole Centrale de Lyon has signed agreements for 1 Master’s specialising in Humanities and Social Sciences.

List of Master’s


The admission into Ecole Centrale de Lyon is done at level M2 in the following two stages.

  1. Candidates should first fill out a pre-registration form for M2 to be reviewed by the selection panel of the Master's of their choice. These registration forms are downloadable in the list of Master’s. They are to be sent to:

    For further information regarding the Master's programs, contact the Teacher-In-Charge in Ecole Centrale de Lyon mentioned in the right column in the list of Master’s.

    The pre-registration forms for M2 are available in the list of Master's programs proposed.

  2. Candidates selected by the committee should sign up online thanks to the link provided when the results are announced.

Tuition Fees

Given the regulatory changes expected at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, it is not yet possible for us to communicate the cost of tuition. However, here are some indications in the meantime:

Student's situationAnnual Cost

ERASMUS scholarship holder, French Government (CROUS) scholarship holder, wards of the nation, refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection

French students who are not a scholarship holder243 €

International students who are not a French Government scholarship holder

From 243 to 3 750 €

All students who continue their studies at École Centrale de Lyon, which began in 2018-19, will have enrollment fees close to the current rules.

Attention! Engineer exchange agreements do not apply to secondary master's registrations.