Time-management in projects forms an essential part of an engineer’s every-day-life in a company. The idea of project work is hence to place the student in a situation similar to those they will face frequently in their upcoming career as a professional, while providing structured help in the form of feedback.

Numerous projects are planned throughout a student’s curriculum at École Centrale de Lyon, both during the common core (tronc commun) in the form of special projects undertaken as part of the professional education scheme (UEPro) as well as during electives (tronc électif) throughout the options (subject-related part of the tronc électif) and the métiers (profession-related part of the tronc électif).

The Study Project (Projet d’Étude) is the first of this kind, followed by the Application Project (Projet d’Application). While students receive extensive help and support for the former, the latter is instead accomplished in autonomously.

Study Project (PE)

During the 1st year, a scientific or technical problem is proposed to groups of five students, in one of the various fields of research and activity of Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Application Project (PA)

In the 2nd year, students are proposed three types of projects among which one has to be chosen:

  • The study application project (PAe) is pursued in the form of a concrete realisation of the concepts and designs developed throughout the PE.
  • The industry application project (PAi) gives groups of 5 to 6 students each the opportunity to deal with a project of industrial character, equipped with all its complexity and variety. The underlying subject is defined by a company and undertaken under their supervision.
  • The research application project (PAr) grants students the opportunity to make first invaluable experiences in an individual research project, with personalised supervision in one of the laboratories at Ecole Centrale de Lyon. More information on the matter can be found here.

Option Project (PO)

In the 3rd year, students undertake a 50 hour project as part of the specific teaching program of the option chosen by the student.