Internships & Placements

Numerous internships, placements and projects undertaken at companies form an integral part of the engineering program at Centrale Lyon, thus allowing students to become familiar with the company’s activities and the work pursued in the most direct and personal way.

An engineering student at École Centrale de Lyon spends an average of 9 months in a company, comprising periods of various length from 4 weeks to 6 months. The professional experience gained throughout such often serves as a potential gateway to an employment following graduation.

Year 1 – Practical Internship (stage d'exécution)

Carried out at the end of year 1, this first rather practical internship aims to help the student discover the different areas the company is currently operating in, the nature of the work accomplished there as well as the relations in between operators and executives. During this internship of at least four weeks length, the student shadows the position of an executive.

Year 2 – Applied Internship (stage d'application)

Carried out in year 2, this “applied” internship of at least 3 months aims to grant the student a better understanding of the engineering profession by actively integrating into a team of engineers. The work performed as well as the functions of which the student takes responsibility, correspond to the demands faced by an engineer at the beginning of their career.

The internship can be undertaken in a variety of professions, depending on the student’s career plans. These include:

Production, Design, Control, Quality-Assurance, Computer Science, Modelling, Normalisation, Maintenance, Research & Development, Logistics, Consulting, etc. The student is required to play an active role in their team and must not solely undertake the role of an observer of other engineers in the company.

Final Year Project

The Final Year Project (Fr. : Travail de Fin d’Études -  TFE) ends the engineering formation at École Centrale de Lyon. During a period of about 5 to 6 months, the student carries out a high level project of scientific, technical or methodological nature. The TFE finishes with both a written report as well as a final interview in front of a jury at École Centrale de Lyon.

All internships have to be officially approved and conclude in a final report.

Serving as an interface between students, professors and companies, the Office for Corporate relations and Development – Services for Internships receives and distributes offers for internships and employment, gives advice to students and ensures the fulfilment of all modalities.