Activities for the support of students

Student support for the planning of their career as a professional

In order to support students in their planning and preparations for their professional career, every student is assigned to a personal tutor at the beginning of the course. Throughout the student’s curriculum, the personal tutor supports them in numerous ways, comprising at least 6 individual meetings within the first two years, as part of which the student’s progress in planning their professional life is monitored and discussed. The support is complemented by supplementary assessments close to key stages within a student’s life.

Survey in Industry

Starting in the first semester of engineering school, the main objective of this survey focuses on establishing an individual relation between the student and at least two active engineers, such as to allow the student to perceive the profession of an engineer from all its different facets. The student’s questionnaire provides insight towards the nature of their life as an engineer as well as their career pathway and motivations which led them to their current state.

Company Visits

Across several visits of production sites, students become conscious of a company’s complexity and are encouraged to reflect about various aspects of a company presented to them, including the organisation of production, environmental dangers, security issues and quality assurance. These visits are undertaken in the first year of the course.


Several conference sessions scheduled throughout the entire span of the common core (Fr.: tronc commun) aim to raise the student’s awareness of the various aspects related to the professional world of companies and the engineering profession in all its appearances.

Students are sincerely invited to participate in the organisation of such conferences, therein including proposals of possible themes for a conference and the nomination of potential speakers from research or industry.