Planning the student’s individual career

The planning of every student’s individual career as a professional reflects one of the main objectives that all engineering students have to face throughout their time at École Centrale de Lyon. While some students already possess a clear vision of their professional career at the beginning of their studies at École Centrale de Lyon, it is not atypical that others require more time to obtain such and hence to feel capable of expressing their main ambitions.

École Centrale de Lyon offers its students a wide range of career-enhancing activities as part of the professional education program (UE PRO) including a strong support in establishing their individual curriculum as an engineer in the short term as well as in advancing on their professional project in the long term. Various internships and projects form undoubtedly essential features of such. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to take a gap year as part of their course, which can be used to obtain a first-hand insight into life as a professional, and hence to complement their academic education or alternatively to take time and initiative on developing an individual project.

Various venues throughout every student’s curriculum at École Centrale de Lyon help them in planning their career as an engineer and in making invaluable contacts with the professional world.

Moreover, École Centrale de Lyon offers several optional services with the objective of meeting every student’s individual needs, hence granting the opportunity to make the best out of their potential or to resolve particular individual difficulties.

Engagement in one of the several societies and social activities at École Centrale de Lyon reflects a further factor in forming a student’s individual career-pathway and on a larger scale their life-pathway.

Curriculum at Centrale Lyon