Getting involved into Research

A student’s curriculum at Centrale Lyon is strongly connected to the high-level research undertaken at the six laboratories associated with CNRS, five associated international laboratories (LIA) as well as at numerous partners in industry and research. Thanks to the education provided by faculty members simultaneously active in both research and teaching, students get in touch with state-of-the-art research from their first year on.

Centrale Lyon offers a variety of possibilities to get involved:

The 2nd Year Application Project (PAr)

The Application Project addresses second year students who are either eager to obtain a first experience in undertaking research by themselves or are simply interested in getting a live-picture of what research is like. For such, they are allocated to one of the internationally renowned research institutes associated with Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Within the framework of their projects, students at Centrale Lyon actively integrate themselves into the process of research. Students typically work as part of a research group and sometimes even on an existing project. Through this, they are given the opportunity to get to know the different professions associated with research as well as to discover the various facets of the work undertaken by a researcher and the context under which research is performed in France. To the greatest possible extent, students are encouraged to actively participate and contribute to the work undertaken at their laboratories, for example by assisting in seminars or other events of that kind.

Research Internship at a Laboratory

From their second year onwards, students can also get involved through research internships at one of the laboratories associated to Centrale Lyon or one of its research partners in industry or academia.

This internship can be undertaken in the framework of the second year application project, the year in industry or the final year project.

The 3rd Year Master of Research

Third-year students at Ecole Centrale de Lyon are given the opportunity to pursue one of the 13 Master’s courses parallel to the option and métier chosen. The Master’s courses are jointly run with other engineering or business schools as well as universities in and around Lyon.