The Curriculum of the Generalist Engineer program

Socle scientifique large et personnalisation du cursus

The curriculum is divided into semesters to facilitate the exchange programs with international partner universities.

Curriculum at Centrale Lyon
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To comply with international standards, the first semester in the Ecole is named Semester 5 (S5). Options can be performed in France or overseas. The naming of the semesters conform to the system Bachelors, Masters, PhD, to facilitate communication at an international level. The semester S5 corresponds to the 1st semester after the classe préparatoire, the common core is hence named semesters S5, S6, S7.

  1. The curriculum commences with a common core of 3 semesters, comprising of 12 unités d'enseignement (UE) teaching units, which guarantee the foundational knowledge essential to an engineer.

  2. This is followed by a curriculum "à la carte" where students have a choice of electives, in the following semesters, geared towards 4 main paths: professional and sector-based specialization, international vocational qualification (CAP), double-curriculum and/or research.

  3. The program is completed by a strong immersion in professional environment through conferences, visits of industrail sites, ambitious projects and 9 months of internships.

Each engineering student plays an active role in their formation. They create their own path by choosing amongst a broad spectrum of opportunities. Throughout the curriculum, which should entail a stint of a minimum of 3 months overseas, each student should be capable of pacing themselves, specializing in certain domains or exchanges ideas with others to progressively develop their project. Filled with choices, they are responsible to ensure that they make full use of the opportunities available to maximize their potential.