Maquettage Numérique S6

Lecturer(s): Didier LACOUR
Course ⋅ 2 hAutonomy ⋅ 4 hStudy ⋅ 14 h


The aim of this training course is to enable engineers to understand the various aspects of digital modelling (volume and surface modelling, integration with simulation (kinematics, calculation, manufacturing, etc.), which are necessary in particular for other training Two Mechanical and Mechanical Engineering Units of Solids and Structures.


Digital Mock-Up, Numerical modelling, Simulation, Finite element calculations, PLM, Bézier surfaces, Modelling curves and surfaces


  • Mathematical modeling of pole surfaces.
  • Getting Started with the Catia V5 Software (Part Design).
  • Surface modeling with Catia V5.
  • Information about the 100% web-based Onshape solution.
  • Mini-project: Implementation of modeling, simulation and calculation tools on a concrete problem of design or optimization of a technical system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to model a technical solution using computer tools
  • Know how to manipulate current modelling and simulation tools
  • To be able to understand all the scientific and technical aspects of a project
  • Knowing the software tools of numerical modelling used in industry.


The final report of the mini-project gives rise to a note. N = final report of mini-project.