Fluids and Energy - Experimental and numerical methods

Lecturer(s): Andrea MAFFIOLI, Didier DRAGNA
PW ⋅ 8 hAutonomy ⋅ 4 hStudy ⋅ 6 h


This teaching activity presents experimental and numerical methods in fluid mechanics, and the approach to be adopted for their practical implementation.


Experimental protocal, Measurement techniques, Numerical simulation, Comparison model/experiment, Uncertainties


  • Practical work on flow speed measurement in a jet
  • Practical work on Bernoulli or Air treatment
  • 4 BE sessions on a practical introduction to numerical simulation in fluid mechanics

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to make use of experimental and numerical methods in fluid mechanics and energetics.
  • Know how to design an experimental protocol to characterize a phenomenon.
  • Know how to present the results of simulations or experiments.
  • Know how to compare a model and measurements.


Know-how mark based on two reports and on participation during the activities: Note = 33% Expérience + 67% Synthèse + Présence