Ecole Centrale de Lyon trains top-level generalist engineers, capable of pursuing highly complex and innovative activities, particularly in the field of energy, transport, environment and nanotechnology. Profound expertise in research, project work as well as an international orientation form the core of a student’s curriculum.

The studies cover a period of three years of which three semesters are dedicated to the common stream, one semester dedicated to a transitional period and the remaining two semesters dedicated to the specialisation of one particular sector or profession. For the latter, students get to choose among one out of seven engineering sectors (option) as well as one out of six professions (métier).

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Ways to get admitted to the three year engineering-course

International students can enter Ecole Centrale de Lyon either by passing an entry exam (concours) or in the framework of a dual diploma.

Admission by entry exam

International students are welcome to participate in the entry-exam procedure open to French students. A specified number of places (five in 2013) are reserved for international students taking the common-stream entry exam (concours commun) run by Centrale-Supélec under the condition that they have not yet pursued any form of higher education in France prior to their application (a special entry exam for international students (concours special du “cycle international”) is offered for the streams MP, PC and PSI). While the written exams take place abroad in countries where the system of preparatory classes (Classes Préparatoires) and Grandes Ecoles exists, the oral exams are undertaken at the site of Ecole Centrale de Paris.

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Admission sur titre

The entry exam CASTIng addresses students in the final stage of their Licence (L3), living in countries following the LMD system as well as students in the final stage of their Bachelor’s degree, living in countries that don’t use the LMD system.

Participation in the CASTIng entry exam is open to licences in the fields of Mathematics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Mechanics and Physics.

Remark: This way of admission does not concern international students registered at an educational institution with which Ecole Centrale de Lyon has a contract.

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Dual diploma

International students can alternatively apply as auditors. In the framework of a signed convention between Ecole Centrale de Lyon and a partner institution abroad, several places are offered every year to their respective top students for entry into the first year of the engineering course with the aim of obtaining the dual diploma by the end of their curriculum.

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Dual Degree

Every dual degree has its specific entry criteria. For more information, please consult the “Dual Degree” section.


Please consult the “Master” section.

Doctoral Schools

Please consult the “Doctoral Schools” section.