Funding of the doctorate

Taking into account the aspects that precede the actual process of undertaking a doctorate, the preparation for such is considered to be a time-expensive activity, but nevertheless a first professional experience from which to profit. In accordance with the guidelines associated to a doctorate, Ecole Centrale de Lyon ensures that every doctoral student is able to prove sufficient funding for the whole duration of the doctorate by the means of various arrangements.

Contracts related to a Doctorate

The public employment contracts signed between Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the doctoral student are valid for a total duration of three years and can arise from several institutions. Their validity is conditioned upon the annual renewal of the registration on the doctoral program.

Doctorate Contract from Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Every year, the secretary of higher education allocates about fifteen spaces for doctoral studies at Centrale Lyon, which as such are open to any candidate seeking to register for the first year of the doctoral program. Applications are examined by the graduate schools according to a scheduling specific to the respective school.

The gross monthly salary covers a total of € 1711,00. The doctoral student can undertake a supplementary teaching activity, granting an additional gross € 313,00.

Research Grant from the Region Rhône-Alpes

The region Rhône-Alpes offers financial support to doctoral students currently conducting research in the framework of one of the current clusters, i.e. a group of common research activities in Rhône-Alpes. Research grant offers are published on the website of the region.

Doctorate Contract with ANR

On several occasions, the national research agency hires doctoral students to undertake research work on one of their current fields of study. Students interested in this opportunity are asked to get in direct contact with those responsible for the respective project.

Other types of working contracts

Undertaking a doctorate at the site of a company (CIFRE)

The CIFRE scheme allows the doctoral student to undertake their doctorate studies at the site of a company, leading a program in R&D in close cooperation with an external group of researchers.  An annual subvention of € 14,000 is granted to the company, which is designated to support the doctorate in their studies with a yearly gross salary of at least € 23,484 equating to a monthly gross salary of € 1,957. As part of CIFRE, a working contract of unlimited duration or such with a duration of three years is set up between the company and the doctoral student.

>> For more information on the matter, please visit: L'Association nationale de la recherche et de la technologie

Doctorate Contracts with the CNRS

A doctorate contract signed between the CNRS and the prospective doctoral student run under the same conditions as for the doctorate contract at Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Research studies are carried out at the site of one of the numerous renowned laboratories of the CNRS. Gross salaries are fixed at € 1,757 monthly. The doctoral student is then officially employed by the CNRS.

Candidates who are interested in this option are kindly invited to get in contact with one of the laboratories and to inform themselves about the respective CNRS institute responsible for this area of study.

Doctorate Contracts with Centrale Innovation (Research Evaluation Agency)

Centrale Innovation offers doctorates in direct relation to research project. Applications for this doctorate have to be sent directly to those responsible for the project.

Doctoral study grants

Doctoral study grant ACCUEIL DOC with the region Rhône-Alpes

ACCUEIL DOC grants are available to foreign doctoral students, currently undertaking their doctorate studies in the Rhône-Alpes region. In the case of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, for a maximum duration of six months the doctoral student receives a monthly support of € 710. The grant is particularly aimed at students carrying out their research project at Ecole Centrale de Lyon and a foreign university.

The EGIDE grant

In the framework of global mobility, Central Innovation signed a partnership with EGIDE to support foreign students in their research activities in France.

This grant is exclusively aimed at students already in possession of another grant from one of the principle funders and under the condition of authorization from the latter.

Government grants

Several countries offer grants to students aiming to undertake their research project in a foreign country. Students are asked to inform themselves by contacting the Ministry of Education or alternatively the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their respective country. These grants are usually rather generic and are managed by the CROUS. Grant recipients from the CROUS are given the opportunity to be exempt from tuition fees.